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Kid safety in cars.

  2,095    Number of children
           under age 14 who died
           in auto accidents in
263,000    Number of children
           under 14 who were
           injured in car crashes.
     50    The percent of children
           4 and younger killed in
           auto accidents who
           were completely
     83    The percent of children
           ages 4 to 8 who ride
           improperly restrained
           in adult safety belts.
     81    The percent of children
           not restrained in
           booster seats who
           should be.
     54    The percent of children
           likely to be killed during
           an accident while
           riding in the front
           passenger seat of a
           vehicle with airbags.
     96    The percent of parents
           who believe they install
           and use their child
           safety seats correctly.
     18    The percent of child
           safety seats that are
           installed and used

Source: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
and National Safe Kids Campaign.
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Title Annotation:Trends And Transitions
Publication:State Legislatures
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Date:May 1, 2004
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