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Kicking tires, my foot.

Kicking Tires, My Foot

We heard that Downtown Office Supply, the city's largest commercial stationer, was about to be bought by a national concern.

Owner Lonnie Patterson said last month that anything was about to happen, even though we knew he was flying his outside sales reps to St. Louis for the weekend to "preview" a company.

Patterson said the trip was a "fun day," a small reward for a job well done. He did, however, admit he would be "looking some people over" while there.

"We're just kicking tires," he said.

Kicking tires, my foot.

Last week in St. Louis, an agreement was signed between Downtown and Buschart Office Products Inc. of St. Louis, a subsidiary of BT Office Supplies USA.

That company, in turn, is a subsidiary of Buhrmann-Tetterode, an international conglomerate.

Downtown Office Supply's management will stay on and report to those bosses.

Sales for the Little Rock company were $5.3 million for the fiscal year ending May 31.
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Title Annotation:Downtown Office Supply is bought by Buschart Ofice Products Inc.
Publication:Arkansas Business
Date:Jul 1, 1991
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