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Kick the habit: ring the New Year by shaking old habits that drag you down!

Abrand new year is an awesome opportunity to make changes. That's what resolutions are for, but good intentions don't do a girl much good if she lacks the know-how to make them happen. Here are five you'll-be-so-glad-you-kicked-it New Year's resolutions and the best plans of action for ultimate success. You can thank us later.


Raiding the mall can be a fun way to kill time with friends. But if all you've got to show for last year's allowance is the world's largest lip-gloss collection, it's time for a little spending rehab. Yes, you can cease to be a shopaholic! It takes a strong will, but the buck stops here.

Dole out daily reminders. A good way to stomp out a bad habit? Constant reminders that keep your resolution at the top of your mind. Stick Post-it notes in your wallet, purse and knapsack that say, "Don't squander dough!" If online shopping is your weakness, post similar notes on your monitor. These memos will help you catch yourself before you slip into shopping-spree mode.


Can't face the day before you crack a Diet Coke? Race to the vending machine between classes for your fix? Friends joke about an intervention for your cola addiction? If your craving is outta control, it's time to kick the can.

Set do-able goals. If you've gotten into a pattern, it's tricky to shake it all at once. Your shot at keeping a resolution soars if you take a slow, steady approach. So the first few days, drink one cola per day and go with decaf for the remainder. The next week, cut back to every other day ... and so on until you're cola-free.


There's good reason to limit your time in front of the TV. A recent study published in Pediatrics has found that kids who go into a tube trance on weekdays score worse grades in school. Ditto for you video-game junkies.

Change your scenery. It's hard to make a positive change when you have temptation staring you in the face. So instead of plopping down on the couch the minute you get home, do something. Anything. Sure, you like to unwind a little bit before you hit the homework. But instead of automatically reaching for the remote, go for a walk, read a magazine, bake oatmeal cookies. Much better.


Twisting your hair around your fingers is actually a soothing response to life's little stressors. No doubt, life can rattle your nerves at times. But it's time to leave that habit behind. No more split ends!

Switch up. Resolutions stick like glue when you swap the old bad habit for a harmless new one. Make a bracelet by cutting a thin strip from the sleeve of a soft-cotton tee, and wind it around your wrist. Instead of twirling your locks, take off the bracelet and twist the fabric between your fingers for comfort.


We'll just say it: Using language dirtier than gym socks is tacky. Foul words give people the wrong impression of you. Plus, swearing is a sure way to get grounded. Time to clean up your act.

Elicit support. No girl can go it alone. Ask friends to be your "cursing police" so they can "bust" you for potty mouth. Pay a fine every time you use a curse word. You'll be so bummed about having to cough up your cash that you'll put the kibosh on the cursing. Swear!
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