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Khoros Pro 2001 Integrates M-file Toolbox and Offers Visual Programming Enhancements for MATLAB Users.

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M., Oct. 27 /PRNewswire/ -- Khoral Research Inc. (KRI) today announced the release of a new solution to enhance collaboration and workgroup productivity. The M-file(TM) Toolbox rapidly integrates MATLAB(R) projects in the Khoros(R) Pro 2001(TM) software development environment. Offering bi-directional functionality, the M-file Toolbox makes m-file functions available from within Khoros, and makes the Khoros visual programming environment and software development environment available to MATLAB users.

The Khoros Pro 2001 M-file Toolbox speeds up the execution of MATLAB's interpreted code and promotes code re-usability. "Life just got better for software developers and scientists who want increased productivity," stated Mark Young, Khoral's Chief Technology Officer. "MATLAB users can now deploy their programs as faster binary executables rather than slower interpreted m-file scripts and MEX files."

Improved Collaborative MATLAB Development

The visual programming features of Khoros Pro 2001 provide a customizable software environment with powerful production capabilities that are flexible, extensible and easy to use. The M-file Toolbox converts MATLAB m-files to C/C++ and integrates into the CASE tools of Khoros Pro's visual programming environment. Khoros Pro 2001 easily scales for small teams or distributed enterprise projects involving multiple workgroups and platforms.

Khoros Pro 2001 users are no longer limited to the linear MATLAB scripting environment. Khoros Pro 2001 readily converts MATLAB M-file functions to Khoros operators, enabling users to move their scripted and interpreted MATLAB applications into compiled binaries within visual programming workspaces.

Integrated Visual Programming Efficiencies

Khoros users can select from a wide array of specialized MATLAB application modules for visual programming workspaces. A library of MATLAB m-files becomes a toolbox of Khoros operators. These operators can be run from the command line or from a visual programming workspace. Rather than restricting the use of these functions to MATLAB's linear scripting environment, users now have a choice between linear programming and visual programming paradigms.

M-file Toolbox Available Free

The M-file Toolbox is available immediately -- and at no extra charge -- with each license purchase of Khoros Pro 2001. The package includes the Khoros Pro CASE tools for integrating MATCOM and MATLAB compilers into the Khoros Pro visual programming environment. MATCOM and MATLAB compilers are available directly from their respective developers, MathTools and The MathWorks. For more information, consult the KRI web site -- www. -- or call Don Bouchard at 505-837-6500, ext. 495.

About Khoral

Khoral Research, Inc. is a leading edge software development company with extensive experience customizing software applications for commercial and government organizations. Since 1992, Khoros technology has gained worldwide acceptance among major companies and organizations such as Lockheed Martin, Eastman Kodak, Sandia National Laboratory, 3M, Dupont, the French Atomic Commission, and Raytheon. Today, Khoros technology optimizes software development, implementation and maintenance with IDE/AS that provide a competitive edge for companies around the globe. For more information, contact Don Bouchard at or 505-837-6500, ext. 495. FAX: 505-881-3842. Detailed information is also available on the KRI web site,

Khoros is a registered trademark of Khoral Research Inc. Khoros Pro, Advanced Khoros, Khoros Pro 2000, Khoros Pro 2001, Integrated Development Environment / Applications and Systems (IDE/AS), Cantata, Craftsman, Composer, Guise, M-file, XPrism Pro and XPrism are trademarks of Khoral Research Inc. All product and company names are the sole property and trademarks or tradenames of their respective companies.
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Date:Oct 27, 1999
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