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Khoral Research Inc. Announces Release of the M-File Toolbox

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M., Feb. 3 /PRNewswire/ -- Khoral Research Inc. (KRI) announced the release of the M-file Toolbox, a productivity tool for current Khoros Pro(TM) and MATLAB users. This product results from an alliance between MathTools Inc., the creators of the MATCOM(R), a compiler which converts MATLAB *m files to C++. MATCOM has been wrapped in a Khoros Pro toolbox and integrated into the CASE tools of Khoros Pro's visual programming environment.

"Every software system presents a variety of tradeoffs. MATLAB has had wide acceptance among engineers because it allows them to implement models and algorithms using a compact mathematical representation. For integrating these models and algorithms into larger and complex systems, though, it doesn't perform as well. With the M-file toolbox, users can code in MATLAB then build end-to-end systems in the visual programming environment of Khoros Pro. Moreover, the M-file Toolbox speeds up the slow execution speed of MATLAB's interpreter," stated Leslee Richards, KRI Product Manager. "The feature-rich, overhead of MATLAB can now be broken into iterative steps that function in an intuitive, visual software environment. Life just got better for software developers and scientists who want increased productivity -- M-file Toolbox speeds up the slow execution of MATLAB's interpreted code and promotes code re-usability."

"MATCOM has proven its value to scientists who like to develop prototypes in MATLAB, but want standalone applications, faster execution, and a better price. Our users can be found in leading research laboratories and commercial organizations throughout the world," said Robert Ford, Vice President of Business Development at MathTools. "We entered this relationship with KRI because we felt our users would benefit from the integration of their MATLAB code in Khoros Pro's optimal visual programming environment. Now, textual programmers and visual programmers achieve a higher level of compatibility, with exceptional benefits for complex software development projects. The Khoros Pro M-file Toolbox enhances MathTools commitment to provide the integration solution for MATLAB programmers using industry-standard applications."

KRI's productivity services and software tools have gained world-wide acceptance among major organizations such as Lockheed Martin, MIT, Los Alamos National Laboratory, 3M, Dupont, French Atomic Commission, Hughes Missile Systems Company, and Raytheon/Texas Instruments. Incorporated in 1992, KRI builds software productivity tools for data exploration and visualization, visual programming, and software development.

MathTools Ltd., also a software productivity company, builds MATCOM as well as a wide range of other compilers that support MATLAB users whose goal is performance improvement. MathTools is located in ISRAEL and Horsham, Pennsylvania.

The Khoros Pro M-file Toolbox will be available from KRI beginning in February, 1998. The package will include the MATCOM tool (compiler and documentation) and the Khoros Pro CASE tools for integrating MATCOM into the Khoros Pro visual programming environment. For more information, consult the KRI web site -- -- or call Don Bouchard at 505-837-6500, ext. 495.

Khoros is a registered trademark of Khoral Research Inc. Khoros Pro, Advanced Khoros, Cantata, Craftsman, Composer, Guise, XPrism, XPrism Pro, and M-file Toolbox are trademarks of Khoral Research Inc. All product and company names are the sole property and trademarks or tradenames of their respective companies.

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Date:Feb 3, 1998
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