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Khanozai: A town of resources.

Byline: Zaibunisa

Khanozai town basically comprises three main villages besides many small and scattered clusters of dwellings .i.e. Dadhaqzai ,sekizai and salehzai.


Khanuzai has a population of around 40,238 people.


It is located at latitude 30,3715.64?N and longitude 67,2020.99?E It is situated at the height of 6457ft above the sea level ( Google earth 2014 ) strategically it has got very implant position due to two consider able reasons firstly it is located on the national highway N50 which provides a smooth and easy access of sectors.


The climate of the khanozai is warm in summer and very cold in winter. The area is outside the monsoon currents therefore receives negligible amounts of rain during summer most of the rainfall occurs in winter. However it is irregular and scanty. Snowfall usually occurs during the month with mean maximum and minimum temperature of 35Adegc and 19Adeg c respectively while January is the coldest month with mean maximum and minimum temperature of 10Adegc and -3Adeg c respectively.

Geology of Khanozai

The mountain ranges on the surrounding sides of khanozai are predominantly composed of limestone and shale. Generally three types of unconsolidated maternal occupy the area of khanozai .Loessii silt occupies the plain area iii unconsolidated material found at foothills. However the complete details of the rock are as below a sub- recent rocks in the North of khanozai there are sub- recent rocks these rocks are Ten thousand (10000) years old.

Physical Resources

Nature has blessed khanozai with two types of physical resources.i.e. Agriculture and mineral resources.

The brief description of these resources are given below.1 Agriculture the agriculture sector has long been the dominant and flourishing resources of the area.

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Publication:The Balochistan Express (Quetta, Pakistan)
Date:Jun 8, 2021
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