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Khairy: I don't want to be an Umno 'political deity' if elected president.

Umno members have to stop treating its president as a 'dewa' (deity) who they can't criticise or reprimand, party presidential candidate Khairy Jamaluddin said tonight.

He said for too long, the party has protected and treated the party president like a 'dewa' who is above reproach.

'I don't want to be a dewa politik Umno, I don't want to be a president with absolute power,' he said in his speech when meeting Umno Penang members at Safira Club here.

The Rembau MP said that if he were elected as party president, he will share power with ordinary Umno members.

'I want to be a president who listens to the voice of the people, who can be criticised, reprimanded and not above reproach,' he said.

He stressed that to prevent the president from being put on a pedestal, party elections must be held every three years and never postponed.

'We need party elections every three years, this is the avenue for all members to speak up,' he said.

He also said the party must also do away with the tradition of not contesting for the party president and vice-president's posts.

He said this had allowed those who held the posts previously to continue holding it and this must be stopped.

'We need to change so we need to open this up and allow anyone to contest for all posts,' he said.

Even for important decisions regarding the party, such as selecting candidates for the general election, Khairy said the decision was always made by the party president.

'This authority, I will delegate it to the states and let the states decide on the candidates because they would know who suits the seats. They don't have to wait for the president to decide. We can make these decisions together,' he said.

He said Umno is still relevant despite losing almost half its seats.

'We only need to clean up the party for the people to trust us again, our party is still relevant. We still have supporters,' he said.

He then called on the members to vote for him as party president so that he can bring about the changes needed to clean up Umno.

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Publication:Malay Mail Online (Petaling Jaya, Malaysia)
Date:Jun 28, 2018
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