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Keystone introduces new fishing hotline.

Keystone introduces new fishing hotline

In an attempt to reel in more sales from the more than 46 million Americans who make fishing a pastime, Coors Brewing Co. announced plans to begin the Keystone Beer Fishing Hotline.

Beginning March 1, consumers can call a 1-900 fishing hotline and access fishing information - updated weekly - for any of 500 fishing hotspots nationwide. According to the brewer, the reports will provide detailed information to anglers each time they call.

"We're going to be collecting good, solid fishing information from bait and tackle shops throughout America," said Craig Guthrie, Keystone brand director. "We'll be giving fishermen the kind of tips the shops are giving their customers every day."

Hotline callers, Guthrie continued, can select one of two ways to get their fishing tips; via voice menue, which zeroes in on the specific body of water of interest, or by Quick Code. All of the reporting stations will be assigned a Quick Code for quick reference by the caller.

Once a fisherman is connected with the right reporting station, he or she will hear the fishing tips and how to reach the local bait shop for more details.

As an introduction to the hotline, Keystone will also offer consumers a $5 refund on individual fishing licenses.

"Other beer brands have dabbled in fishing, but this is the first time anyone has really provided a meaningful service to this huge target market," Guthrie said. "We believe Keystone can begin to establish itself as the |fishing brand'."
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Title Annotation:Keystone Beer Fishing Hotline
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Jan 27, 1992
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