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Keystone brands set for 1992 takeoff.

Keystone brands set for 1992 takeoff

Double-digit growth continues for the Keystone brands and continued heavy marketing in support of the brands has "poised them for continued success in 1992," the Coors Brewing Co. said

"We agree with industry analysts' projections that only Keystone and Busch brands will realize growth next year in the popular category," said Craig Guthrie, Keystone brand director. "All established brands such as Old Milwaukee, Meister Brau and Pabst Blue Ribbon will experience a decline in volume."

According to Guthrie, the popular-priced brands that have been successful recently can attract and hold younger drinkers.

"A lot has been learned since Keystone and Keystone Light were introduced nationwide in 1989," Guthrie continued. "The primary target in 1992 for Keystone is men, 21-44. This represents a demographic shift for the popular category and for Keystone.

"Initial assumptions about the Keystone drinker reflected conventional wisdom about the popular category," Guthrie said, "but after two years in the market, we're not getting that traditional drinker. He stayed with Old Milwaukee, Pabst and Meister Brau.

"To reflect this change in target market for Keystone, you'll see changes in our media buys, younger point-of-sale and tools to target Busch and Busch Light," Guthrie noted.

"We've proven that Keystone is a brand with an identity of its own and real value," Guthrie concluded. "We're ready now to continue building on our success and we're investing in marketing opportunities to support our aggressive marketing strategies. We plan to continue gaining share until we're the number-one sub-premium-priced beer in the category. Keystone brands are forces to be reckoned with."

PHOTO : COORS' KEYSTONE BRANDS experienced double-digit growth in the past year, according to brewer, and are poised to continue that growth through 1992.
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Title Annotation:Keystone beer brands from Adolph Coors Co.
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Dec 23, 1991
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