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Keystone Dry now in eight states.

Showing signs of initial success in the marketplace, Keystone Dry is now available in eight states, according to Coors Brewing Co. Marketing areas now include New Mexico, Nevada, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, texas, Kentucky, and Rock Island, Il.

"Based on the successof and Keystone brands, it's evident consumers are looking for quality beer at a popular price," said Craig Gutherie, Keystone brand manager. "Keystone Dry will offer consumer a quality dry beer at a popular price."

Gutherie added, "product testing proves that the taste of Keystone Dry is indisguishable from the quality, bottled-beer taste that consumers prefer."

Keystone Dry advertising, produced by Foote, Cone, Belding/Chicago, is the same humorous spots used in Keystone and Keystone Light advertising. The "Wouln't it be Great" theme, featuring fantasies of consumers who prefer popular-price beerm will be extended to Keystone Dry as is the "GreatBottled-Beer-Taste-In-A-Can" slogan.

Keystone Dry will be supported by radio, television and outdoor advertising.
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Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Apr 15, 1991
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