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Keys to Infinity.

Clifford Pickover. New York: Wiley and Sons (800-CALL WILEY), 1995. Illus., 332 pp., hardcover, $24.95.

Why would an art educator wish to review and recommend this book to the profession? The answer is that it focuses on the future, on the large picture, or what might be in the next century. In recent years, an unintended result of DBAE has been to direct the energies of programs in arts education towards a concern for the art of the past rather than to that of the present or future.

The book is a good exploration of various aspects of creativity. The author inspires those with or without computer skills to explore questions of the future. Various chapters are designed for both education and recreation. The book is written to stimulate fantasy and creativity, and relates as much to art as to science. One chapter explores the idea of building a ladder to climb to the moon. One can read the story and imagine the images, which children could draw in response to this idea.

If we are serious about integration of art into the core curriculum and with other subject areas, one place to begin is in the area of art and science. There is no better place for the art teacher to turn for direction than to this book by Clifford Pickover.
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Author:McWhinnie, Harold
Publication:School Arts
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Dec 1, 1996
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