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Keynote Launches WebEffective 5.0 -- Delivers Combined Benefits of Online Market Research, Usability Labs and Web Analytics into Single On-Demand Solution.

* Keynote WebEffective Provides Unparalleled Insights into Web Site Effectiveness and Online Business Performance

* Solution Designed to Help Companies Drive Improvements in Online Customer Acquisition and Increases in Online Revenues

* Only On-Demand Software Application Allowing Companies to Simultaneously Capture Customer Attitudes & Behaviors

SAN MATEO, Calif. -- Keynote (Nasdaq:KEYN), The Mobile and Internet Performance Authority[TM], today announced the release of Keynote WebEffective[TM] 5.0, a greatly enhanced version of its on-demand customer experience/UX solution designed to help companies improve their Web site effectiveness and online business performance by conducting in-depth, online customer experience research studies.

WebEffective 5.0 enables Fortune 1000 companies and other leading e-businesses, as well as interactive design agencies, to examine and improve site effectiveness and online business performance in an array of critically strategic business areas, including sales effectiveness, brand positioning, customer satisfaction and customer acquisition.

WebEffective is a powerful and flexible research tool that captures both the attitudes and behavior of customers and prospective customers as they interact with a company's Web site or with competitor sites. Keynote WebEffective is the first and only customer experience/UX research tool that combines the capabilities and benefits of market research, usability labs and Web analytics into one integrated on-demand solution.

"In a highly competitive marketplace it's imperative that your Web channel maximizes its potential in supporting business objectives, particularly your sales objectives," said Don Aoki, senior vice president and general manager, customer experience management with Keynote. "In determining how to improve your site's impact on sales, on brand, on customer loyalty, on customer acquisition, nothing delivers insight like Keynote WebEffective."

"Keynote gives us specific feedback from a panel customized to meet our business objectives. As a result, we know with confidence that our site is sending a message that resonates with our target market, resulting in a higher likelihood of converting casual browsers to paying customers," said Cricket Wardein, Director of Marketing, Yahoo! Personals.

Keynote WebEffective: Providing Insights for Improving Online Businesses

An effective customer experience research program, anchored by Keynote WebEffective, provides the insights into customer attitudes and behaviors - and into competitor strengths and weaknesses - that allow companies to move ahead and become the leaders online in their industry. Keynote WebEffective provides insights that lead to actionable steps for:

* Increasing online sales

* Converting browsers into buyers

* Improving online purchase processes

* Driving online adoption

* Optimizing online technical and customer support

* Strengthening customer loyalty

* Increasing customer satisfaction

* Building brand affinity

* Driving customer acquisition success

"Whether your focus is customer acquisition, converting browsers into buyers or decreasing customer support costs, success can only be achieved by truly understanding your customers - and the best practices in your market," said Aoki. "Only Keynote WebEffective can deliver that insight."

Combining the Best of Market Research, Usability Labs and Web Analytics

Keynote WebEffective employs unique and proprietary technology which combines the best aspects of usability, behavioral and attitudinal research into one integrated, on-demand research solution. Keynote WebEffective captures both customer attitudes and behaviors by using unique technology that questions customers and examines their online behavior as they interact with Web sites. Customers perform assigned tasks - browsing, searching and shopping - from their own home or office environment while Keynote WebEffective asks relevant questions (based on predetermined 'action possibilities') and records their actions and captures all the relevant clickstream data.

"This provides companies insight not only into consumer behavior, but also into why they act the way they do. The truly unique thing about Keynote WebEffective is that it allows companies to answer the ever present question 'why?'" For example, why are customers abandoning shopping carts during the checkout process?" said Aoki.

By combining the best of traditional market research, usability labs, and Web analytics, Keynote WebEffective can provide deeper understanding of online business performance and competitive standing that other research technologies and methods do not allow.

"Online survey tools can provide the sample size researchers demand for statistically accurate studies, but don't capture the behavior behind the consumer attitudinal data. Usability labs can capture the complete customer experience that leads to deeper insights, but at considerable expense and not with statistically accurate levels," said Aoki. "Keynote WebEffective enables companies to capture the complete customer experience with large sample sizes. This gives companies deeper and more accurate insights and, importantly, allows for segmentation of the results."

Keynote WebEffective allows companies to accurately segment usability results based on a number of different criteria including demographics, such as geography, income and age, as well as based on behavioral criteria. For instance, companies can segment groups of customers who succeeded or failed at a particular online task - or were satisfied or dissatisfied with an online process.

"Keynote WebEffective is the only research tool that allows for gathering broad behavioral data across dispersed groups and geographies which global companies need to accurately reflect their customer base. Keynote WebEffective provides a view of customer experience that is a critical tool for global brands," said Aoki.

"With feedback from hundreds of actual users, the Keynote evaluations helped us focus on the site improvements our customers care about most," said Pat Connolly, Chief Marketing Officer, Williams Sonoma.

A Powerful Tool for Building, Fielding and Analyzing Customer Experience Studies

Keynote WebEffective is a complete on-demand, online research solution with integrated modules to assist companies in designing their research, conducting online studies and analyzing results to uncover deeper insights. Keynote WebEffective includes:

* TestScripter: An easy to use tool to help companies design and build their research studies with self-guiding test script development and script templates to speed study development.

* CustomerScope: A complete research reporting and analysis solution that lets researchers examine quantitative and qualitative results, as well as aggregated and individual clickstreams. The tool also performs auto-correlation analysis and automatic clustering of comments by theme or tone.

To help recruit study participants that accurately reflect the target customer base, companies can intercept actual customers visiting a site, invite their customers to participate via email, or select participants from either a third-party panel or the Keynote Research Panel. The Keynote Research Panel is a professionally managed panel of over 160,000 consumers who represent a broad cross-section of the online population. Panelists can be profiled and selected against an array of detailed demographics including income, age, profession and geographic location.

Keynote WebEffective offers unique advantages not available with other research software, including the ability to track consumer behavior across the Web regardless of the sites visited, which is ideal for competitive research and customer acquisition studies. The application also allows for studies to trigger questions based on varying consumer actions, which simulates the interactivity provided by a moderator in a usability lab.

"Keynote WebEffective offers researchers greater flexibility from study design, to participant recruitment, to analytical methods," said Aoki. "This translates into better designed and executed studies, more accurate and insightful results, and ultimately more actionable steps that can be taken to improve online business performance."

Availability and Pricing

WebEffective 5.0 is currently available. Enterprise pricing ranges from $25K for a single pilot study (including training and support) to $150K for a 12 month license (includes an unlimited number of customer experience research studies). Special pricing is available for interactive design agencies and user experience research firms.

For more information on WebEffective and how to purchase the product click here ( _tools/webeffective.html) (Due to its length, this URL may need to be copied/pasted into your Internet browser's address field. Remove the extra space if one exists.).

About Keynote

Keynote Systems (Nasdaq:KEYN) is the global leader in test & measurement solutions that improve mobile communications and online business performance. As an independent and trusted third-party, Keynote provides IT and marketing executives with an unbiased view into their Internet services from around the world. For over a decade, we have been providing measurement data and testing capabilities that allow companies to understand and improve their customer's online and mobile experience. Keynote has four test and measurement businesses: Web performance, mobile quality, streaming & VoIP, and customer experience/UX. In addition, our industry analysis group called Keynote Competitive Research publishes proprietary studies measuring customer experience and service levels across a wide range of industries.

Known as The Mobile and Internet Performance Authority[TM], Keynote has a market-leading infrastructure of 2,400 measurement computers and mobile devices in over 240 locations around the world. Keynote also maintains one of the most representative panels of online users consisting of 160,000 consumers. Our on-demand, hassle-free infrastructure allows businesses to access services they need, when they need them to pinpoint and fix mobile quality and Internet problems before they impact customers.

We help over 2,600 corporate customers become "the best of the best" by helping them improve online business performance and mobile communications quality. Our customers represent top Internet and mobile companies including American Express, BP, Caterpillar, Dell, Disney, eBay, ESPN Mobile, E*TRADE, Expedia, FedEx, Microsoft, SonyEricsson, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon and Vodafone.

Keynote Systems, Inc. is headquartered in San Mateo, California and can be reached at or by phone in the U.S. at (650) 403-2400.

Keynote, The Internet Performance Authority and Perspective are registered trademarks and The Mobile and Internet Performance Authority and True Experience are trademarks of Keynote Systems, Inc. Other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. [c] 2006 Keynote Systems, Inc.
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Date:Nov 14, 2006
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