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Key news on big data product launches, partnerships, and acquisitions.

VOLTDB has announced a Smart Stream Processing Architecture to help organizations take advantage of the 5G revolution. VoltDB's new Smart Stream Processing Architecture simplifies the data processing architecture by reducing the three disparate functions for ingestion, processing, and storage down to a single unified layer, with fully ACID serializable transactions.

Cloudian, an object storage provider, has released a Cisco Validated Design (CVD) for CLOUDIAN HYPERSTORE on the Cisco Unified Computing System (Cisco UCS) platform. The CVD reflects the companies' expanded collaboration in providing best-of-breed infrastructure solutions for modernizing enterprise data centers, including accelerating the transition to hybrid cloud. and

Sumo Logic, a cloud-native, machine data analytics platform, has released a new bidirectional integration for ATLASSIAN OPSGENIE. This new offering provides DevOps teams with full visibility across the entire incident management lifecycle for improved monitoring, alerting, and troubleshooting when responding to service interruptions.

QUBOLE, provider of a cloud-native data platform for analytics and machine learning, has expanded its partnership and product integration with GOOGLE CLOUD PLATFORM (GCP). Combining the capabilities of GCP with Qubole's self-service data platform and tools for data science and data engineering, the companies say the new offering enables easier processing of big data workloads with Apache Spark and Hadoop on Google Cloud and connectors for a range of data repositories. and

Fauna, provider of a distributed OLTP database, FAUNADB, has announced expansion of its query interface with standard APIs to further boost developer productivity. Developers using FaunaDB will now be able to manipulate data directly using query languages such as GraphQL for web applications, as well as CQL for key-value access and SQL for relational workloads.

ORACLE'S blockchain platform is now available as part of EVERLEDGER'S blockchain-based solution. According to the companies, the solution will give Everledger users the ability to shadow blockchain transactions into a relational database, making it easier to run analytics on them. and

Redis Labs, the home of Redis and provider of Redis Enterprise, has introduced a solution, REDISEDGE, for Internet of Things (loT) and edge computing applications. RedisEdge delivers fast performance, with a lean footprint to analyze millions of data streams in less than a millisecond, meeting the stringent latency requirements of any edge environment including devices, sensors, actuators, and even in "cloud edge" and micro data centers.

Rancher Labs, a provider of container management software, has announced general availability of RANCHER 2.2, introducing new features to simplify the provisioning of Kubernetes by IT operators and giving developers more control over their applications.

MapR Technologies, provider of a data platform for AI and analytics, has introduced new innovations in the MAPR DATA PLATFORM. The new updates accelerate the compute journey with deep integrations with Kubernetes core components for primary workloads on Spark and Drill.

TIGERGRAPH has released an updated version of its signature platform, combining graph pattern matching with real-time deep link analytics--a unique mix for fraud and money laundering detection, security analytics, personalized recommendation engines, AI, and machine learning.
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Date:Jun 22, 2019
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