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Key factors for economic success in industrial nations; a statistical analysis.


Key factors for economic success in industrial nations; a statistical analysis.

Margolis, Lawrence.

Edwin Mellen Pr.


232 pages




Margolis (political science, U. of Michigan) employs statistical analysis, particularly Spearman's Rank-Order coefficients, in order to assess the influence of key economic and social factors on the gross national product per capita of 10 to 31 (depending on data availability) industrialized countries. Among the factors he finds to be significantly correlated with GNP per capita are: per capita energy and electricity consumption, telecommunications, imports, inflation and money supply per capita, investment per capita, and research and development expenditures. Mixed results are found for birthrates; relative sizes of steel, auto, and light technology industries; unemployment rates; tax rates; defense spending; dominant religion; divorce rates; and unwed birth rates. Low correlation is found for population, coal production, relative size of the service economy, balance of trade deficits, percentage of public budgets allocated to public welfare, and labor union density.

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Date:Aug 1, 2008
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