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Key Technology introduces FluoRaptor[TM].

Key Technology introduces FluoRaptor[TM], the new fluorescence-sensing laser sorter designed to maximise the detection and removal of defects, extraneous vegetable matter (EVM), and foreign material (FM) based on differing levels of chlorophyll as well as colour, size, and shape.

Using a most powerful laser in combination with Key's proprietary colour cameras, FtuoRaptor achieves superior product quality and speeds product changeover for processors of fresh cut products and a variety of fresh and frozen vegetables and potato products.

With a great laser power density, FluoRaptor improves the signal-to-noise ratio to produce a more accurate product signature, which makes detection more robust. With a high resolution laser scanner, Raptor detects the smallest defects.

Like all sorters in Key's Optyx Raptor family, Optyx FluoRaptor combines laser technology with proprietary tri-chromatic cameras, which can be configured to sense a combination of visible colour and infrared (IR) light. With its Vis/IR cameras, Optyx FluoRaptor analyzes size and shape as well as millions of subtle colour differences. With its FluoRaptor laser, the sorter reliably detects defects and foreign material based on differences in the fluorescent properties of the objects.

Easy to use, the laser image is displayed in full colour, allowing an operator to make quick selections of those objects to be kept, versus those objects to be rejected. Images and setups can be stored on the G6 computer hard drive, remotely, or on a USB key for quick retrieval and re-use.

FluoRaptor is available on Key's narrow-belt Optyx 3000 and its wide-belt Optyx 6000 sorters. Ideal for lower volume applications, the 24-inch (610 mm) wide Optyx 3000 features up to three sensors located above and/or below the product stream, depending on the needs of each application, to handle up to six metric tons of product per hour. For higher volume processing lines, the 48-inch (1220 mm) wide Optyx 6000 achieves production rates of up to 12 metric tons per hour, depending on the application.

Contact Key Technology Inc. on tel +1 509 529 2161 or visit
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Publication:Food Trade Review
Date:Jun 1, 2007
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