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Kettering National Seminars provides online educational opportunities.

I had the privilege to review the Web site for Kettering National Seminars, an organization that I've always been aware of and heard much talk about among students. Kettering has always been particularly interesting to the students that didn't make the first "pass" at the credentialing process. It was always Kettering's boastful money-back guarantee that the students referred to when telling why they were going to use the Kettering HomeStudy program.


I explored the Web site for Kettering ( hoping that the actual Web site supported what Kettering has always strived to do--support students in achieving their credentialing goals. I could not find a mission statement per se, but I would say that Kettering really strives to meet the needs of the active professional in being flexible, inexpensive, effective and efficient (with your time and money), and of course supporting the end goal of achieving a credentialed status for the professional who is willing to put in the time and effort.

Kettering offers its well-known home study programs and on-site seminars in the following topics: Certified Asthma Educator, Certified Cardiographic Technician, Certified and Registered Pulmonary Function, Registered Radiographic Technologist, Certified and Registered Respiratory Therapist, Neonatal/Pediatric Specialty in Respiratory Therapy.

By participating in either home study or seminar programs, you are entitled to use the "Tutor Line." You can call and speak with a tutor in your area of credentialing several days each week. Online registration is securely available for seminars and for ordering home study packets. Alternatively, you can print and mail either one. Discounted rates for seminars are available for groups of three or more who register and pay in full at least 30 days prior to the start of the seminar. An up-to-date list is posted with hyperlinked details for seminars across the country.

What I was most curious to learn about is Kettering's newest offering. It is the online practice modules for the CRT Exam, the RRT Written Registry Exam and the Radiology Exam, as well as clinical simulation modules for the RRT Clinical Simulation Exam. You can try free trial simulations, so you can get a flavor for what the online practice modules are like.

I like that you can purchase any number of tokens to access simulations. Tokens are five dollars each. However, Kettering offers free tokens with quantity purchases. The more tokens that you buy, the more free tokens you receive. A token allows you repeat access over a two-week period to any one simulation (as in clinical simulation) or practice module (the written format tests).

Simulations/modules can be partially completed and finished at a later time. So, if you are at work or home and interrupted, you can quit and later take back up with the simulation/module right where you left off.

The simulations present in a two-pane window with the questions/prompts displayed above. You work in the left hand pane, checking off information or checking off your decisions with pop-ups explaining your progress. The right-hand pane will display the history of your progress in the simulation if you click on a button to display. It will show you the information in the simulation and the responses that you have given to that point. Once completed the results give you feedback on how you can improve your score and what path would improve your performance.

Use of these simulations not only gives practice with the actual content of the test, it will build your comfort with online testing so as not to be distracted with the online method of testing, thus allowing you to focus on content. Multiple simulations are available in the following topics: cardiac, general medical, neonate, neuromuscular, pediatric, pulmonary and trauma.

The written modules operate in a very straightforward manner. The question pops up (15 in each module), you choose an answer, and you get immediate feedback on whether you are correct and what the correct answer is. You also can play an audio explanation of the question. Topics in the written modules are as follows:

Written registry practice: equipment practice, assisted ventilation practice, hemodynamic practice, ABG/PFT practice, airway care practice and diagnostic testing practice.

Written certification practice: pre-test, calculation practice, clinical data practice, equipment practice and mechanical ventilation practice.

Radiologic Technologist practice: calculation practice, radiographic procedures practice, radiation protection practice, equipment operation and maintenance practice, image production and evaluation practice, and patient care practice.

Tokens are a very flexible concept. They can be used for any of the modules/simulations or saved for the next credentialing exam you may wish to pursue. There is quite a variety of topics to choose from. One token allows you to complete and repeat one practice module of 15 questions or one clinical simulation for a period of two weeks. You can continue to replay the module or simulation as many times as you wish during the two-week period.

Both home study and seminar courses are approved for Category I continuing education credit. Up to 25 CEs can be earned through completion of Kettering programs.

The details of the guarantee are as follows: All of the Home Study Programs are backed by a full one-year, 70-percent money-back guarantee from the date of purchase. In the unlikely event that you do not pass your exam, you have the option to return the material, cancel, our assistance, and receive a refund, less 30 percent for processing, shipping and handling.

You can review the list of faculty and their professional credentials, many of whom have advanced degrees, and many in education. What I would love to see here is more information on their background and their pictures. Many sites I have reviewed do this, and it gives it a more people-focused feeling to the mission of the organization.

The Web site itself is professionally created. I would have found a site map helpful and some kind of "about us" information. The home page has an easy-to-navigate bar on the left, and the pages load quickly with a cohesive look throughout. In other words, you won't get lost. There is an FAQ hyperlinked to the questions for quick navigation. They do give you print options, which are especially nice if you are working on a public or work computer.

For more information: Kettering National Seminars, 456 Windsor Park Drive, Dayton, OH 45459, Phone: 937-433-5631, Toll-Free: 800-445-0860, Fax: 937-433-3510, E-Mail:

Lisa Rapple, RRT M.Ed is a veteran therapist, educator and manager. She appears regularly in Focus journal writing on Respiratory Care online. She can be reached at chinga78&
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