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Kerrygold's new factory a good example of energy efficiency.

The new Kerrygold Factory is set to be the most efficient and environmentally friendly cheese packing facility in the UK and Europe, according to news released today.

Kerrygold, one of the UK's most well known dairy brands, is building a new factory due for completion in May 2009. The Irish-owned, Leek-based manufacturer cuts and packs cheese and has invested 30m [pounds sterling] in its new state-of-the-art facility.

The new infrastructure boasts advancements that ensure the company has the most efficient and environmentally sustainable production lines. Some of the most impressive features include: sun pipes that magnify natural light, reducing the need for artificial light are used throughout. These are controlled via external glazing.

CHP Plant--using gas to generate electricity (cleaner fuel to improve energy efficiencies--carban emission level about three times less than that of electricity from the grid).

Photo Voltaic panels which are powered by light are attached to the roof of the Cycle storage area thus generating electricity for the site.

Waste heat will be converted rata hot water for washing and/or factory cleaning. Where tire waste heat usage is less than 100 percent, as will be the case when the production is zero, then the CHP plant will automatically shut down with the electricity taken from the grid.

The new factory has also incorporated best practice elements from other fresh food industries, setting a new global benchmark in food hygiene standards for cheese packing. These include high and low care areas, greater air filtration and increased temperature control.

Managing director at Kerrygold, Carl Ravenhall, said that they are confident the new factory will be the most efficient and environmentally friendly cheese packing facility throughout the UK and Europe.

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Date:Dec 1, 2008
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