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Kerry Politzer Trio. (Briefly Noted).

Kerry Politzer Trio. Watercolor. Polisonic 01, 2002.

On her second album, pianist Kerry Politzer strips things down, foregoing vocals and limiting her accompaniment to drums and bass. As always, her compositions are complex and impressive: "Sparks" is something of a tone poem, in which melodic fragments dance upwards through the air, propelled by a subtly beboppish rhythmic pattern; "Watercolor" takes a similarly literal approach to its titular theme, spreading its chordal washes broadly across the song's structure; "Whim" is almost Thelonious Monkish in the angularity of its central theme; "Woodpecker" is curiously static, but "Silent Morning" finds Politzer turning to bebop again in a style that sounds almost like a tribute to Bud Powell. Her solos on the latter composition are particularly sharp, slyly evoking everything from barrelhouse blues to the cool mathematics of Lenny Tristano. All tracks on this album are original compositions, except for her idiosyncratically impressionistic performance of "A Foggy Day." At times one wishes Politzer would build mor e of a robust groove, but there is no questioning her harmonic inventiveness or compositional skill, nor her considerable instrumental chops. Recommended.
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Title Annotation:Watercolor
Author:Anderson, Rick
Article Type:Sound Recording Review
Date:Mar 1, 2003
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