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Kerley Ink.

New Products:

* Crystagloss QS Vehicle

Comments: Crystagloss QS is a freeflowing, medium-tack quickset vehicle. Crystagloss QS is best suited for making high gloss quickset inks with good flow and moderate viscosity. Crystagloss QS is drier reactive, having a significant quantity of oxidizing vegetable oils. New for 2000: Kerley Ink has improved the oxidation speed of the resins used in Crystagloss QS, meaning inks will cure even faster to a tough, flexible film. In order to obtain maximum film conversion speed, Crystagloss QS is soy oil-free. Kerley Ink uses more expensive tung oil in Crystagloss QS because it offers the best drying possible. Crystagloss QS is also low in VOCs, having significantly less than 20% total volatiles by weight, so it's 50-state legal. If you want gloss, Crystagloss QS is the only way to go for inks so bright, you'll need to wear shades.

* Crystagloss QS Metallic Vehicle

Comments: Crystagloss QS Metallic vehicle is a low acid number quickset vehicle for sheetfed offset ink formulations. Like other Crystagloss vehicles, Crystagloss QS Metallic is a freeflowing, light gel. This helps to promote good ';eafing' properties of metallic pigments dispersed in Crystagloss QS Metallic vehicle. Crystagloss QS Metallic vehicle can easily hand 15% metallic pigment by weight and still maintain good flow and leafing properties. Acid number: [less than]5, nominally about 3.
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Publication:Ink World
Date:Feb 1, 2000
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