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Keplinger, Kody: Run.

Keplinger, Kody


Hodder, 2016, pp336, 7.99 [pounds sterling]

978 1 444 93270 6

Bo Dickinson and her family have a reputation in their town as being 'trailer park trash'. When it looks like Bo is going to be put into foster care she decides to go on the run: that is with her best-friend Agnes Atwood. It really is a case of opposites attract, Agnes is an over-protected girl from a 'god-fearing' family, whilst Bo is the one with the wild reputation. In each of the characters narratives we learn not just of their unbreakable bond, but also a little about the challenges each face in their lives. Although Run tackles many issues such as sexuality and disability it did not feel like an 'issues' book. This is a road-trip novel, very much like a young adult Thelma and Louise. It would be suitable for mature young adult readers due to some of its themes and language.

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Author:Sheehan, Kevin
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Date:Dec 22, 2016
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