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Kenyan youth should heed City Girl's good advice.

First of all, this is January, when many youths make resolutions that include setting goals and realigning their careers and dreams. The New Year presents us an opportunity to reflect and focus on things that matter.

Most of the turn-around decisions that have had a huge impact on some great people were born in January.When somebody makes resolutions and follows them through, the results can be amazing.

The trouble is, we hardly walk the talk. GREAT RESOLUTIONSWe make great resolutions but do not remain faithful to our commitment.

I, therefore, applaud Njoki Chege's unsolicited advice to the Kenyan youths. Her five-point piece can save a whole generation.

I wish we had this kind of advice when we were growing up. I envy today's young people who are spoilt for choice.

"No good will come from being a couch potato, watching TV the whole day and an unhealthy lifestyle," says Njoki. Today's young people are intellectually lazy.

They want to make quick money by winning jackpots. They are addicted to betting.

Njoki advises: "Take good care of yourself, you have only one body so take care of it." There isn't a better way of putting it.

ASHFORD GIKUNDA, KiambuRelated Stories

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Publication:Daily Nation, Kenya (Nairobi, Kenya)
Date:Jan 20, 2018
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