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Kenyan schools improve performance.

NAyROBy (CyHAN)- Children sometimes find it hard to understand some subjects in school and some of them also work at a slower speed compared to others. To work on this issue, some schools in Kenya have incorporated a learning tool in their curriculum, to help the children be faster in learning. We visited one of the schools that is using the abucus learning tool in class, the marion preparatory school located in kahawa west, in kenya's capital Nairobi.

The abacus learning tool, also called a counting frame, is a calculating tool used primarily in parts of Asia for performing arithmetic processes. Today the abucus learning tool is often constructed as a bamboo frame with beads sliding on wires.

Kenya is one of the countries that has began incorporating the abacus learning tool in school curriculums. One such school in Kenya is the Marion preparatory school located in Kahawa West, in Kenya's capital, Nairobi where children of tender age come to learn how to use the abucus during arithmetic sessions......NATURAL SOUND......(kids in class)---teacher holding the big teaching abacus....)

we got a chance to attend one of the sessions where children were learning how to use the abacus learning tool at the Marion Preparatory School.

Once mastered, the abacus enables you to add, multiply, subtract and divide much faster than you can with a paper and pencil. Jeff Murichu one of the students at the Marion Preparatory School showed us just how fast he can work with the abacus.....

SOT: JEFF MURICHU, pupil Marion Preparatory school: lets say your multiplying 37 times five,you take five times three you get 15, then five times seven you get 35 and then your answer is gonna be 135.

Children who have been learning the abacus tool here in Marion preparatory School say they have benefited greatly from learning aritmetics with the abacus. Samuel Kihanya shares his senitments about using the abucus learning tool in school.

SOT: SAMUEL KIHANYA, pupil Mrion Preparatory school:

samuel: The abucus has helped me in accuracy in mathematics and multiplications too... leah: so does it help u in other subjects as well?..............samuel: its does help me in other subjects in speed and finishing work on time......

One would wonder just how long it takes to learn how to use the abacus. Samuel says it was a little bit rough in the begining, but he later learnt how to use the abacus learning tool.

SOT: SAMUEL KIHANYA: It depends on your mentality, if you think its hard thats how it going to be.. to me i changed my mentality and i said im gonna do it.........

To further sharpen the minds of children, the children are taught how to visualize the abacus in the air and do arithmetics in the air...NATRURAL SOUND.....

SOT: MARGARETTE NJERU- Abacus Teacher: abacus is a fun subject, ita a very easy, so most pupils take it as if they are playing with numbers, abacus has beads that move, they are brightly coloured, so to them its a mental game, its a repersentation of numbers in picture form.

The abucus learning tool seems like a very simple tool, but the impact of this learning tool is being felt in all the kenyan schools that have incorporated this tool in their leraning curriculum. This tool is helping the minds of children to become sharper and thereby helping them perform better in subjects


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Date:Jan 16, 2013
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