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Tanzania and Kenya 1981-83: Paul Cotton recalls his time representing New Zealand in East Africa. Cotton, Paul Nov 1, 2019 3014
JICA supports Kenya's development. Collins, Tom Aug 1, 2019 1088
Kagame chauffeurs Kenyatta around Kigali. Brief article Apr 1, 2019 116
French companies explore East Africa: With its fast-expanding economies and business friendly governments, the East African region is becoming an Eldorado for French companies in search of expansion. Collins, Tom Jan 1, 2019 1702
Kenya Supreme Court: Don't let Iranians go. Brief article Nov 23, 2018 285
Shrinking hegemon? Maina, Wachira Cover story Jul 1, 2016 1206
Kenya. Mar 1, 2016 498
Remarks by president Obama to the Kenyan people. Speech Sep 30, 2015 5351
Bring our guys home. Brief article Aug 14, 2015 127
Obama visits Africa's hotbeds of investment and opportunity. Kapchanga, Mark Aug 1, 2015 1079
Obama's Triumphant Return To Kenya As President. Jul 28, 2015 1279
Kenya. Report Mar 1, 2015 518
Posted Monday, July 28, 2014/by--BITANGE NDEMO daily nation. Viewpoint essay Aug 1, 2014 1250
Friends salute Mboya's American airlifts 50 years ago: Between 1959 and 1963, Tom Mboya, the Kenyan politician and presidential aspirant, organised the airlifting of 770 young men and women from Kenya and nine other East, Central, and Southern countries to go and study in the USA and come back to shape the future of their countries. Fifty years on, the friends of Mboya pay homage to his patriotic work, reports Leslie Goffe from New York. Goffe, Leslie Feb 1, 2014 2572
U.S. relations with Kenya. Jan 1, 2014 608
Kenya Pays Stiff Price For Intervening. Fabricius, Peter Brief article Sep 26, 2013 208
Obama's African homecoming: president Barack Obama's African trip was greeted with a mix of outright euphoria and scathing criticism of US foreign policy. Ochieno, Joseph Aug 1, 2013 633
The truth behind Britain's Mau Mau payout. Kabukuru, Wanjohi Jul 1, 2013 2074
Kenya's interests and the ICC. Kamau, Macharia Essay Jun 1, 2013 974
Ending colonial impunity: the news that the British government has agreed in principle to compensate the torture victims of the 1950s Land Wars in Kenya, otherwise known as Mau Mau, is earth-shaking. Wambu, Onyekachi Jun 1, 2013 645
Addis plays the long game: over the last five years, Ethiopia's diplomatic engagement with its East African neighbours appears to have taken on a new urgency with wide-ranging agreements on transport corridors and energy sharing. But, as Wanjohi Kabukuru reports, this is just one plank of Ethiopia's carefully worked-out master plan to sustain its double-digit growth. Kabukuru, Wanjohi Jun 1, 2013 1205
Forgetting the "big man syndrome": just how did traditional Kenyan allies, the US and the EU lose the Kenyan plot and fail to see a new dispensation which is emerging in the East African country? Asks Wanjohi Kabukuru from Nairobi. Kabukuru, Wanjohi Essay Oct 1, 2012 1341
Kenya: current conditions and the challenges ahead. Dagne, Ted Report Jun 1, 2011 7772
Kenya: current conditions and the challenges ahead. Dagne, Ted Report Apr 1, 2011 8136
Kenya: current conditions and the challenges ahead. Dagne, Ted Report Feb 1, 2011 7582
Background note: Kenya. Country overview Jan 1, 2011 5329
Kenya: current conditions and the challenges ahead. Dagne, Ted Report Dec 1, 2010 6960
Kenya: current conditions and the challenges ahead. Dagne, Ted Oct 1, 2010 6970
Kenya in space exploration. Kabukuru, Wanjohi Aug 1, 2010 931
Kenya Wants Israel's Help Against Jihadists. Brief article Feb 11, 2010 83
Direct US flights will boost Kenya economy: flights to and from the US will no longer be the 24-hour marathons of the past. Solomon Mburu reports that the start of direct flights will have a positive impact on the country's tourism and export sectors. Mburu, Solomon Dec 1, 2009 1230
Kenya. Brief article Sep 22, 2009 154
Kenya prepares 'for war' against Uganda. Brief article Jul 1, 2009 155
Kenya: current conditions and the challenges ahead. Dagne, Ted Report May 1, 2009 6201
Neighbours at odds over Lake Victoria island. May 1, 2009 410
When Kenya sneezes ... despite its strategic importance, Kenya maintains a moderate profile in international politics. This "silent diplomacy" approach has enabled Kenyan businesses to expand all over the region without any trouble. Kabukuru, Wanjohi May 1, 2009 1189
Winning vote: election used to teach U.S. democracy. Patterson, Inmi Jan 1, 2009 568
Kenya. Brief article Jan 1, 2009 157
Kenya: the December 2007 elections and the challenges ahead. Dagne, Ted Feb 1, 2008 5404
Dalai Lama visit blocked. Brief article Jun 22, 2007 105
Kenya-U.S. relations: the urgent need to manage Kenya's migrant and HIV-AIDS brain drain. Kaba, Amadu Jacky Dec 1, 2006 3194
Kenya: look east my son; Kenya is the latest African country to fall for the charms of the world's emergent superpower, China. Wanjohi Kabukuru reports from Nairobi on what this portends for the East African country. Kabukuru, Wanjohi Jul 1, 2006 1215
Kenya. Report Jan 1, 2004 5002
South African investors cry foul. (Countryfile: Kenya). Njuri, Blamuel Sep 1, 2002 1079
Return of the ugly American? (Dateline USA). Vesely, Milan May 1, 2002 1434
Still waiting for compensation. (Kenya). Kamau, John Brief Article Nov 1, 2001 749
Economic collapse 'imminent'. Vesely, Milan Oct 1, 2001 1613
What can't the IMF do? (Around Africa - Kenya). Kamau, John Mar 1, 2001 1211
Plundering Africa's sea wealth. Veseley, Milan Nov 1, 2000 1579
Aids loan rejected. Brief Article Nov 1, 2000 279
Just because we are poor? Kamau, John Brief Article Nov 1, 2000 934
US fury over killing of priest. VESELY, MILAN Brief Article Oct 1, 2000 886
Donors give cautious approval. Redfern, Paul May 1, 1996 803
Confusion in high places. Redfern, Paul Sep 1, 1995 1148
The emperor's new clothes. Misser, Francois Sep 1, 1995 499
The phenomenon of shifting frontiers: the Kenya-Somalia case in the Horn of Africa, 1880s-1970s. Thompson, Vincent B. Jun 1, 1995 20530
Paris Club reschedules for the first time. Onyango, Brian Mar 1, 1994 728

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