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The Kelo case: taking liberty with the takings clause: ten years ago court justices deemed it OK to use eminent domain to take property from one American and give it to another if such a move would aid the city in almost any way. Jun 8, 2015 3243
"Gay rights" in Practice: "tolerance" has been called for by homosexuals repeatedly in the recent past, but now that they have media and judges doing their bidding, tolerance has disappeared. May 18, 2015 3023
Murder, mayhem, and the meaning of "Gitmo": a sergeant of the guard at Guantanamo Bay investigates the deaths of three inmates there, inmates who supposedly choked themselves while under direct supervision. Book review May 18, 2015 1527
Nullification: thwarting the "monster," one state at a time: states across the nation are initiating laws to curb federal power within their borders surprisingly the efforts are coming from both ends of the political spectrum. May 4, 2015 3085
How to build a nuclear bomb scare: though U.S. intelligence agencies have never produced evidence that Iran is developing a nuclear weapon, the U.S. government has a long history of punishing Iran for doing it. Apr 20, 2015 3032
Forfeiting property rights in the name of fighting crime? Apr 6, 2015 3021
Deeds beneath the dignity of America. Apr 6, 2015 837
DHS: going places the government shouldn't go: the Department of Homeland Security, which was supposed to streamline government security operations because of 9/11, is a monstrous entity that has completely lost its way. Cover story Mar 23, 2015 2881
"Developing" childhood, government style: in America's schools, curricula are being nationalized to enrich corporations and empower governments--yet the changes are said to be for the good of the children. Mar 23, 2015 3063
Illegally prosecuted: how prosecutors break the law to convict the innocent, and the woman who is trying to stop it. Book review Feb 16, 2015 1532
Bring on a war: how a 'secret operation' in Afghanistan by President Jimmy Carter led to America's longest war. Feb 16, 2015 2884
Hillary, Jeb, and Elian Gonzalez. Feb 16, 2015 841
Wanted: women in combat for wars without end: a woman marine contends, contrary to politicians, that women should not be allowed in marine infantry units because such a move would lessen fighting effectiveness. Dec 22, 2014 2545
Scalia, the enduring "old fogey": even as supreme court justice Antonin Scalia has insisted that judges must use an originalist view of the constitution to protect rights, he has also interpreted the constitution. Book review Dec 1, 2014 1541
Immigration proliferation: when congressmen tell the public that they will fix the U.S. immigration problem, probably two things are true: the congressmen misread the problem and the solution won't work. Nov 17, 2014 2733
When silence is betrayal. Viewpoint essay Nov 17, 2014 835
Blue blows the horn: the documentary Blue investigates the motives and methodology of the environmental movement and finds it to be less about the good of the Earth and more about control of it. Nov 3, 2014 1537
NATO from defense to offense: NATO was sold as a defensive pact, a necessity to dissuade Russian aggression after WWII, but it became an offensive entity that almost ensures a future U.S. war. Cover story Oct 20, 2014 3876
Airstrikes against ISIS: as terrorists with ISIS beheaded Westerners to avenge wrongs allegedly committed by Western governments, the Obama administration began bombing them. Oct 6, 2014 2462
Barons of the "boob tube" still beating war drums. Oct 6, 2014 814
Obama as "emancipator" of illegal immigrants. Sep 8, 2014 3732
"Doug Macarthur is the man"? Douglas MacArthur, dubbed a military genius for his actions in WWII and the Korean War, was a Republican who found his most diehard backer in a Democratic president. Book review Sep 8, 2014 1558
Immigration: how we got here from there: while it's true that immigrants have tremendously benefited this country, we should remember immigration missteps and not repeat them. Sep 8, 2014 3012
On money and the freedom of speech. Aug 11, 2014 834
Get Goldwater: how the moderates buried Barry: near the advent of mass media in America, Barry Goldwater's beliefs were misrepresented by media and politicians, leading to his disastrous defeat. Jul 28, 2014 3093
Betraying liberty with "free speech zones": with restrictions on public free speech increasing to the point that permission must be garnered to make a political point, can we still deem free speech a protected right? Jun 9, 2014 1512
Totalitarian truth: F.A. Hayek explained how the totalitarianism of Communist Russia and Nazi Germany was the result of socialist, big-government policies then being initiated by the West. Jun 9, 2014 1536
Lawmaking decision: the Brown v. Board of Education decision, which desegregated schools, may have undone unjust treatment of blacks, but it imposed judicial opinion in place of written law. May 19, 2014 3943
The death penalty: rage or reason? May 5, 2014 790
Who trusts Government? Apr 21, 2014 804
Is obama impeachable: While there is no doubt that President Obama has done a host of unconstitutional deeds, there is great doubt that Congress will impeach him. Mar 24, 2014 3721
Life on the american "animal farm". Mar 24, 2014 800
War on poverty feeding the growing government: president Lyndon Johnson's War on Poverty had the goal of not merely alleviating poverty, but eliminating it. In truth, it has created a permanent dependent class. Mar 3, 2014 3393
Abolish the NSA. Mar 3, 2014 808
Playing with pawns: John Foster Dulles and his brother Allen were leaders in America's transition from a nation that largely looked to control its own destiny to one that looked to control all nations. Biography Feb 3, 2014 4557
Resisting caesar. Viewpoint essay Feb 3, 2014 825
The federal reserve bankers for the new world order: though touted as preserving the dollar's value and ending economic slumps, the federal reserve is destroying the dollar and weakening the economy, for "world order.". Jan 20, 2014 3951
The Federal Reserve: still going wrong at 100: at 100 years old, the federal reserve is still fulfilling its intended mission to control the nation's money supply--empowering big banks at the expense of average americans. Dec 23, 2013 3999
Vietnamese Friend or Foe: U.S. foreign policy has often been highlighted by shortsightedness, disregard of foreign concerns, and regime-change operations--as shown in the lead-up to the Vietnam War. Nov 18, 2013 3764
Pro-life cause needs a clear, steady "trumpet". Oct 21, 2013 801
NSA spying: it didn't start with 9/11: the NSA, an enormous agency created to collect and analyze intelligence on foreign threats, failed to stop 9/11 and now spies on Americans. Has it outlived its usefulness? Oct 7, 2013 3271
The "Snowden Republicans". Sep 23, 2013 824
Fast-track: enabler of the "free trade" agenda: fast-track (aka Trade Promotion Authority--TPA) is a direct attack on our constitutional checks and balances and has been key to approval of all our free trade agreements. Sep 2, 2013 1269
Brainwashing 101: more and more, colleges are becoming venues where left-wing professors attempt to indoctrinate students with liberal views, instead of focusing on academics. Aug 5, 2013 3266
The surveillance state of America. Jul 22, 2013 778
Big government is watching the watchdogs: though most media have almost disregarded out of hand the government's daily violations of the Fourth Amendment, they don't like it when journalists are spied upon. Jul 1, 2013 3126
Calvin Coolidge: the "wise old bird" in the White House: though he is one of the forgotten presidents, Calvin Coolidge put together a string of political successes that not only helped him but helped his constituents in a very real way. Biography Jun 17, 2013 3379
Audit the Internet sales tax: the Senate recently passed the "Marketplace Fairness Act" to require online sellers to pay sales taxes. Is this really "fair," and how will it affect the marketplace? Jun 3, 2013 1477
INFLUENTIAL AMERICA? Is the United States providing positive moral and political guidance to the rest of the world? This political pundit says yes, but let's look at his evidence. Book review Jun 3, 2013 1608
Highlighting Hypocrisy and Lambasting Illogic: Using letters to the editor to various newspapers, this economics professor--in the Austrian School of economics--slices and dices claims made in those news organs. Book review May 6, 2013 1403
Jackie Robinson: rebel with a cause: absent any involvement of the federal or local government, racial discrimination in Major League Baseball was eliminated--spurred on by economics and Christianity. May 6, 2013 3355
Breaking barriers: the movie 42 brings audiences face to face with baseball's bigots and discrimination of former times and how they were overcome. Movie review May 6, 2013 1100
Nixon's other pat. Apr 22, 2013 808
The Seventeenth: the worst of all amendments? The 17th Amendment, putting the election of U.S. senators in the citizens' hands, instead of the state legislatures, was meant to empower citizens. It had the opposite effect. Apr 1, 2013 3025
"Narrow" is the way to defend our freedoms. Apr 1, 2013 764
Drunkards and democracy. Mar 4, 2013 806
Judqe Finds Two Presidents Guilty: Political commentator Judge Andrew Napolitano's new book explains how Presidents Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson led the charge in undermining the Constitution. Jan 21, 2013 1555
Typical response to tragedy. Column Jan 21, 2013 1479
Rooting out religion: under the Obama administration, while it is still acceptable to go to church and profess to be Christian, it is definitely not ok to live your faith in any public venue. Jan 7, 2013 3174
Is Obama Anti-Christian? In the book No Higher Power, Obama's and his administration's policies are recounted, demonstrating that both clearly aim to marginalize Christianity to death. Book review Jan 7, 2013 1444
Here come the taxes: in every aspect of our lives. Cover story Nov 19, 2012 3459
Sanctions: the economic war on Iran: if, as is claimed by the U.S. government, Iran cannot be allowed to have nuclear weapons because its leaders are zealots who relish death, why is it likely that sanctions will deter it? Nov 19, 2012 2366
Senator Paul Takes On GOVERNMENT BULLIES: Among other atrocities, the government regularly arrests, prosecutes, and imprisons Americans for trivial vagaries in the law. Senator Rand Paul points out a few injustices. Book review Nov 5, 2012 1559
Gun control or killer control? After shooting incidents in which multiple victims are killed, calls arise for gun control. But evidence tells us that guns control wanton killers, and without guns, deaths rise. Oct 8, 2012 3185
Ethanol edicts: ethanol's use as a "renewable fuel" has almost been entirely the story of successful lobbying by various groups for and against using corn for fuel. Sep 24, 2012 2816
Independents, Not Dependents: These pundits tell why they are cheering despite the lousy economy and the increased dissatisfaction voters find with the Democratic and Republican Parties. Book review Sep 3, 2012 1532
The Hartford Convention: in the Civil War, the North put an end to Southern secession, but earlier it was Northerners who wanted out. Aug 6, 2012 3102
"Is anybody there? Does anybody care?". Jul 23, 2012 813
Ten years of TSA: ten years after TSA's inception, a congressional report found that it's wasteful, inefficient, and doesn't stop terrorist threats, though it has a vast bankroll and intrusive powers. Jun 25, 2012 1832
Mr. Madison's war: the War of 1812 serves as an exhibit of proper avoidance of war, a reminder to be militarily ready for war, and an exemplar of political restraint on curtailing freedoms. Essay Jun 25, 2012 3347
Duty, honor, country: general Douglas MacArthur, a highly successful military leader and decorated soldier, did not glorify war--he wanted to end it. Biography Jun 4, 2012 3030
Obama's Democratic challenger: Randall Terry is Barack Obama's Democratic challenger in the 2012 presidential election, but he isn't in the race to win. He's in it so that Obama doesn't win. May 21, 2012 1542
Seen any "slippery slopes" lately? May 7, 2012 817
Titanic failure: in April of 1912, one hundred years ago, the "unsinkable" luxury passenger ship Titanic struck an iceberg and sank, taking 1,513 men, women, and children with it. Apr 9, 2012 3283
Bullied by the bull moose: William Howard Taft was elected president because he was a protege of President Theodore Roosevelt. But Roosevelt soon wanted the presidency back. Feb 20, 2012 3231
Reading about Ron: the book Ron Paul: father of the Tea Party takes readers on a journey through the life of Ron Paul, beginning with his youth, and it marks transformative points in his life. Feb 6, 2012 1520
Labeled "dangerous": GOP presidential candidate Barry Goldwater preceded Ron Paul by many years in being labeled dangerous over his foreign policy views, but it wasn't true then either. Feb 6, 2012 2957
Flimflamming about flip flops? Dec 19, 2011 1677
SUICIDE STORY: Patrick Buchanan's new book Suicide of a Superpower traces the changes in governance and culture in America that foreshadow a decline of epic proportions. Dec 5, 2011 1498
The grand Ol' politics of Illusion. Movie review Dec 5, 2011 797
Count him conservative: Robert Taft, who earned the nickname "Mr. Republican," saw firsthand the conniving, corruption, and inefficiencies in the management of government interests. Biography Nov 7, 2011 3051
Seeing and believing. Nov 7, 2011 792
Drubbed by Dick: in his political career, Dick Cheney let nothing stand in his way as he pushed the federal apparatus to Institute policies that he and his fellow travelers wanted imposed. Biography Oct 24, 2011 3236
Watched now more than ever: big government has gone on a growth spurt since 9/11, especially in the area of security agencies, which are so numerous that it's likely no one knows what they're doing. Oct 10, 2011 2903
Washington's war on liberty: since 9/11, the U.S. government has restricted free speech and privacy protections, while claiming the right to imprison and torture even Americans without trial. Sep 19, 2011 2951
Michele Bachmann: Michele Bachmann often votes following constitutionalist, fiscally sound policy, but when it comes to the military, money doesn't matter. Aug 22, 2011 1352
Tim Pawlenty: Tim Pawlenty is running on his fiscal frugality as Governor, but his past budgets are being bashed. He's an internationalist. Aug 22, 2011 1336
The wall, hiding shame: the Berlin Wall was erected in 1961 to stop the continual flight of East Germans to the West, owing to the abject failure of collectivism in the Soviet-bloc country. Aug 22, 2011 2391
"Moral" attacks? Some politicians claim that America's greatness is reflected in her willingness to subdue tyrants of the world and spread democracy amongst the oppressed. Aug 8, 2011 1207
"Isolationism" now center stage in GOP tent? Oh My! Former GOP presidential standard-bearer John McCain chided the 2012 crop of presidential aspirants for being "isolationists" in regard to bombing Libya. Jul 18, 2011 2583
Does anyone understand the law? Column Jul 18, 2011 816
General John Stark--the man, the motto, and the "coverup": General Stark's name should come readily to schoolchildren's lips for his accomplishments in the Revolutionary War and his very American motto. Biography Jul 4, 2011 3012
A July 4 warning against empire. Essay Jul 4, 2011 857
A Polished Political Paradigm: In mixed economies - which have both socialistic government centralization and aspects of free-market capitalism - capitalism gets blamed for socialism's failures. Book review Jun 6, 2011 1751
Bane of the Barbary pirates: during America's early years, Muslim pirates from the Barbary Coast demanded tribute in order to let U.S. ships pass unmolested. The tribute was a source of contention in America. Jun 6, 2011 2985
What has the mission accomplished? After eight years, the Iraq War has cost hundreds of billions (and perhaps trillions) of dollars, as well as thousands of American lives. What have we--and the Iraqi people--gained? Viewpoint essay Apr 18, 2011 4355
Dividing a nation: the firing on fort Sumter marked the first engagement of the civil war and took place 150 years ago, on April 12, 1861. Apr 4, 2011 3157
Rolling Back Racing Debt: Through reading Thomas E. Woods' new book, Rollback, Americans not only learn how badly the government is doing--both generally and fiscally--but what they can do about it. Book review Mar 21, 2011 1518
Multiple Mitts: though Mitt Romney hasn't officially declared his candidacy for President in 2012, he has been garnering a lot of media face time. But is he too two-faced for voters? Mar 7, 2011 2985
Palin's neocon path: Sarah Palin has been backed from the outset by neoconservatives - not fiscal, constitutional conservatives - and her political stances reflect her affiliations. Feb 21, 2011 3028

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