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Appliance manufacturer Kenmore, a division of Sears Holdings, has launched Alfie, a voice-controlled intelligent shopper that does the research for you to find the right product at the best price, regardless of the retailer.

Alfie can shop for anything, from everyday items like paper towels, printer ink, or groceries, to a birthday gift for dad.

To use Alfie, consumers download the Kenmore Alfie app; follow the prompts to set up Alfie with their Wi-Fi networks; press the "talk" button, voice a request to Alfie, and press the "talk" button again; review recommended options sent via text message through the free Alfie app; and approve the product order via Alfie or the smartphone app.

Alfie uses Sears' Shop Your Way platform combined with experienced associates who serve as intelligent shoppers behind the scenes. Alfie can learn users' tastes based on previous purchases and allows users to shop from history, simplifying the task of reordering frequently purchased or favorite items.

Users can maintain contact with Alfie from anywhere using the Alfie app on their smartphones. Experienced Alfie personal shoppers are available to assist with orders 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

After an initial cost of $49.95, there is no added fee for the service. Once users decide what they want, they simply press a button and voice their request, and Alfie shops the online marketplace to provide tailored recommendations.

"The Kenmore brand is woven into the fabric of the American home by delivering trusted performance with smart and stylish innovations that help our members do things quicker, better, and easier," said Tom Park, president of the Kenmore, Craftsman, and DieHard brands at Sears Holdings. "Alfie is no exception. We are able to provide a best-in-class, concierge-like service at an affordable price so our members can get back to their everyday lives."

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Title Annotation:OVER HEARD: under-the-radar speech news
Author:Klie, Leonard
Publication:Speech Technology Magazine
Date:Jan 1, 2016
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