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Kendall officials to meet concerning solid waste transfer station plans.

Kendall County, Illinois officials will meet with representatives of a company that wants to locate a solid waste transfer station in Plano.

The topic will be Kendall's attempt to get a host benefit agreement with Plano Transfer, LLC, developers of the transfer station.

Early last April, the board agreed to try to negotiate a host benefit agreement with the company. County Board Chairman John Shaw set about getting the meeting.

Plano Transfer LLC plans to build the transfer station in an industrial park planned for Plano's side of Eldamain Road, near the Menard's Center. The city of Plano already has negotiated a host agreement with the company, and has approved siting for the transfer station.

Plano Transfer LLC is not required to do a host agreement with anyone besides Plano, because Plano is the siting authority. But Kendall County could make a case for a benefit because trucks coming to and from the station will be using Eldamain Road, which is a county road.

Still, Kendall cannot require the host benefit. The county might have a bargaining chip if the company wants direct access to Eldamain Road.

Kendall County several years ago amended its solid waste plan to take out consideration of a new landfill in the county, but it does allow transfer stations.

Source: Steve Lord, The Beacon-News

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Publication:Solid Waste Report
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Date:May 23, 2014
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