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Ken not to blame if Reds take a beating.

AND so Labour's very own Prince Philip tribute act has done it again.

From the man who once told a Jewish journalist he was acting like "a concentration camp guard", and an MP with a history of depression he needed his head seeing to, Ken Livingstone now gives us a world exclusive on Hitler's previously unknown pro-Jewish credentials.

If a bordering-on-certifiable UKIP councillor said that, they'd probably kick them out of the party. So why not Livingstone? After all, he did it to himself in 2000 so he could stand against the party in the London mayoral race, after vowing he wouldn't. That's how vain and disloyal the man is.

But who bent party rules to let him stand for Labour at the 2004 mayoral elections when he was facing a crushing defeat on the back of his disastrous Iraq War? Yes, good old Tony Blair. Despite Dennis Skinner vehemently opposing the move, having previously denounced Livingstone as a "prima donna" with "an ego as big as a house".

Labour has never been divided by Livingstone on right and left grounds, but on those who think he is, or isn't, a bit of a cult.

Which is why I'm troubled by Blair's disciples using him as a stick to beat Jeremy Corbyn with, in the hope voters turn their backs on Labour at next week's local elections so they can replace him as leader with one of their own.

This is not a great week for Blairites like John Mann, who deliberately started that unseemly brawl with Livingstone before the cameras in order to stoke a civil war and claim the moral high ground.

We're learning, on an almost daily basis, of the highly lucrative deals Blair has been involved in with dodgy people, trading on his contacts as an ex-Labour Prime Minister to rack up a PS60million fortune.

Yesterday it was reported he'd been paid by a Saudi oil firm to court Chinese leaders.

Talking of sucking up to the rich, it was Blair who gave Sir Philip Green his knighthood in 2006, despite knowing he was a tax-avoider.

That ennoblement turned out almost as well as the knighthood he gave the disgraced Fred Goodwin "for services to banking".

I wonder how Blair feels now about his dodgy chum Green floating off on his third superyacht, leaving 20,000 pensioners fearing for their futures.

I wonder also how he feels about justice finally being delivered to the Hillsborough families, after their 27-year struggle, 10 of them spent under his Premiership in which he gave them nothing but empty promises for fear of upsetting the Establishment he so willingly embraced.

And that's without mentioning the Chilcot Report which is about to land on his reputation like an unexploded WMD.

If Labour suffers a hammering on Thursday, plotting Blairite MPs should think twice about telling party members it's all down to Livingstone's alleged anti-semitism and thus his pal Corbyn needs to walk. Because it won't be. There will be many reasons.

One of them is that a lot of workingclass voters turned away from Labour after the banking crash because they couldn't stomach that quote from Blair's Prince of Darkness, Peter Mandelson, about New Labour being "intensely relaxed about people getting filthy rich".

They then watched New Labour's main players grow incredibly wealthy and thought "no wonder".

So if Blairites truly want to know why voters have turned away from Labour they should look a lot closer to home than a muddled maverick who hasn't even been an MP for 15 years.

It was Blair who gave Philip Green a knighthood back in 2006


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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Apr 30, 2016
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