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Ken Braney's monthly look at SPE's activities.

I would like to begin with a couple of comments about ANTEC[R] 2011, which was held in Boston in May. Congratulations to SPE's Senior Event Manager Lesley Kyle and all the staff and supporters; they put on a fantastic conference. The content was as good as, if not better than, that of the past few years. The trade show was very well-received, and more than 2000 delegates attended. This shows that SPE is still the premier plastics Society, which continues to hold the top conferences in our industry.

I am now SPE's Past President, and at the May 1 banquet at ANTEC, I had the pleasure of handing the badge of office to Russell Broome. I also had the opportunity to present the President's Cup to the person who in my opinion represents all that is good about the volunteers in SPE. The following is the speech that I made that evening:


Each year, the SPE President has the pleasure of recognizing an individual who, over the years, has provided outstanding service to the Society of Plastics Engineers. As many of you know, the name of the individual selected to receive the President's Cup is kept a secret until it is revealed at [the SPE] banquet. So see if you can guess whom I've chosen as I give you clues to the identity of this year's President's Cup recipient.

This person is someone we have respected far many years, and their activity far SPE has been truly outstanding. Our honoree joined SPE back in 1981 and became active immediately, being involved with numerous Sections and Divisions, holding positions as secretary, newsletter editor, and Councilor. A devoted member of SPE, this person has also been a proxy for other Sections and Divisions when needed. Not one to sit idly by, our recipient also got involved on Society-level governance as well. Recipients of the President's Cup automatically become Honored Service Members of SPE. In this case, however, our recipient already holds that member grade.

Do you have an idea yet? Our honoree probably sounds like many of you in the audience tonight. So let me get a little more specific.

Through the activities I've already mentioned, our recipient became very knowledgeable about the entire spectrum of SPE and became someone everyone looked to for answers. In the 1990s, this person became the "go to" person for any activity that would help to develop a conference or a seminar or any activity that would benefit SPE.

The international arena was where they chose to work. How many of you remember teletype machines? Our recipient used one quite often to communicate with SPE headquarters. (Now those were two pretty big clues!)

Still not sure who our recipient is? Let's get a little more precise. She officially retired from an SPE position she held for nine years. But instead of stopping her involvement, she got even more involved with the activities of two SPE Divisions. The "hostess with the mostest," she organized SPE's first Council meeting overseas during the K Show in 1986 where SPE had a riverboat as its hotel. She was in charge of all the reservations, all the meals, and served as SPE's concierge behind her small desk on the boat! By the way, she is a consummate shopper. "Everything is so much cheaper here" is a phrase we would hear as our honoree walked through aisles of shirts or shoes or dresses, looking for the best bargains.

By now, you all probably know whom I'm talking about: One of the founding members of SPE's global expansion, coordinating events for SPE for 30 years, serving as SPE's first European staff member, the recipient of the James Toner Service Excellence Award, a person with a fierce devotion to SPE, and the original backbone of SPE Europe! Ladies and gentlemen, I am pleased to present my very good friend and the recipient of the 2011 President's Cup--Yetty Pauwels!


As you can see from the photo, Yetty was very pleased to receive this award. With the help of Ludo (her partner), I persuaded her to go to Boston for ANTEC, using the excuse that as I was finishing my term as President, and Russell was starting his, it was important that she, as a long-term friend of both of us, should support us by attending. The ruse worked, and Yetty was very surprised by being chosen as the President's Cup recipient for 2011.

India and Spain

Another major event took place in the background at ANTEC. We invited Mr. Kamal Nanavaty and various others from Reliance Industries in India to attend the conference to see how ANTEC operates and to discuss producing "ANTEC Mumbai" in India in November 2012. We spent a great deal of time considering various options, and we are pleased to report that we came to an agreement. The "wheels are in motion" to set up the first official ANTEC outside of North America.

We are also now gearing up for EUROTEC, to be held in Barcelona, Spain, in November 2011. A meeting of Council has been proposed for the weekend before the start of the conference. Paper submissions were concluding at the beginning of July, and I believe the numbers were very encouraging. Now we need to encourage as many delegates as possible to attend. So spread the word to everyone you meet. We want to show the world that SPE is holding the leading technical conference on plastics that Europe has ever seen]

Ken Braney
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