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Kemutec complete order for USSR.

Kemutec Complete Order for USSR

The Kemutec Group Ltd have completed their part of an order for ten breakfast cereal production lines for the USSR. Their order, worth in excess of 1m. [pounds], was awarded by Neu Engineering Ltd as part of a major UK contract won by APV for the supply of the breakfast cereal lines. Neu's role in the project is as main contractor for the automated dry materials storage, handling and processing systems at each factory.

The Kemutec order included 20 of the largest KEK Universal grinding mills to grind the maize, oats, barley, wheat and rice down to less than 500 microns at rates up to a tonne an hour. The mills are being supplied in pairs for each factory, and each pair is mounted on a substantial structure that also supports the feed hoppers. Ten of their smaller grinding mills are also being supplied to produce icing sugar from granulated. The sugar feedstock will first be passed through a kibbler prebreaker because it could be agglomerated. Also they are supplying ten Betagrind cone-type mills for grinding any 'out of spec' finished product to make it suitable for re-introduction as a small percentage of the feedstock. Each factory is being supplied with a 300 litre L series and a 1000 litre HE Series Gardner mixer supplier for ingredient mixing.
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Title Annotation:Kemutec Group Ltd.
Publication:Food Trade Review
Date:Feb 1, 1991
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