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Kelly targets travel in greenhouse gas fight.

Air traffic controllers are to be asked to join the fight against global warming.

Transport Secretary Ruth Kelly will write to National Air Traffic Control Services today, asking them to use their expertise to reduce the greenhouse gases produced by aeroplanes using Britain's airports. And she called on the aviation industry to act responsibly by ensuring that any increases in emissions from planes are matched by reductions elsewhere. Carbon emissions from aviation could be cut by improving landing patterns and reducing the gas given off by planes as they taxi to and from runways, suggested Ms Kelly.

In an article in the Sunday Mirror, she wrote: "We need to look carefully at improving the landing patterns and reducing emissions from aircraft as they move from the departure gate to take-off. We are pushing to include aviation in a carbon capping scheme across Europe as the basis for a world-wide agreement."

Ms Kelly is to meet industry representatives and environmentalists this week to discuss methods of reducing aviation's impact on the environment. She said that she wanted to make travel a "top priority" in the Government's battle against global warming.
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Publication:The Birmingham Post (England)
Date:Sep 10, 2007
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