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Kelly + Victor.


If nothing else, "Kelly + Victor" follows an unusual pattern for a boy-meets-girl romance: Its titular lovers meet violently and only then turn cute, before backsliding rather alarmingly. Adapted from an acclaimed 2002 novel by lowlife-fixated Brit novelist Niall Griffiths, this thematically ambitious narrative debut for rock-doc director Kieran Evans looks dirtily chic and boasts an unsurprisingly sharp soundtrack, but is on less sure footing with its delineation of a sadomasochistic relationship. Uneven, but a strildng calling card for many involved, this sexually explicit (if deliberately unerotic) item is likely to seduce more adventurous fest programmers than distributors.

CREDITS: Directed, written by Kieran Evans, based on the novel by Niall Griffiths. Reviewed at London Film Festival (Dare), Oct. 9, 2012. Running time: 94 MIN.

With: Antonia Campbell-Hughes, Julian Morris, William Ruane, Stephen Waiters, Claire Keelan, Michael Ryan, Shaun Mason, Gabrielle Reidy, Mark Womack, Stephen Aintree, Lisa Millett, Johann Myers, Emma Bispham.


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Author:Lodge, Guy
Article Type:Brief article
Date:Nov 5, 2012
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