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Kelly's i: Game Zone: TEKKEN LIBERTIES; TEKKEN 4 (PS2, out now, pounds 40; PC, November pounds 30).

THERE is no middle ground with so-called beat-em-up games like Tekken 4: either you cannot get enough of them, or they leave you utterly indifferent.

Sony's Tekken series has earned near-legendary status, but the latest episode shows signs of complacency.

Simply put, it's difficult to see what Sony spent the last two years adding to the game.

There's a new character, Christie, who looks suspiciously like J-Lo. She replaces the breakdancing Eddie, yet has no discernible new moves of her own.

The tag format seen in the previous version has been abandoned - which will please some and annoy others - and the style of play, involving strategic defence as well as nailing the odd special move, is the same as before.

Tekken 4 looks great, though, and Sony is making much of having made the computer characters play like the best human players.

But ultimately it will disappoint all but the most devoted beat-em-up fans. SB
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Title Annotation:Review
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Sep 14, 2002
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