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Kelley Lee, Kent Buse and Suzanne Fustukian (Eds.), Health Policy in a Globalising World.

Kelley Lee, Kent Buse and Suzanne Fustukian (Eds.), Health Policy in a Globalising World. New York: Cambridge University Press, 2003. $65 hardcover, $24 papercover.

Globalization as a newly-emergent topic has touched upon almost every social science and human service field including that of health and human services. A growing awareness of the impact of globalization on public health has led to some serious concerns about its possible adverse effect in the form of diseases, demographic change and environmental degradation. Compiling the contributions of a distinguished group of international scholars, Professors Lee, Buse, and Fustukian have made a valuable contribution to the social work profession, especially as it pertains to health policies.

The book is divided into three parts. Part I includes eight chapters on global health policy ranging from topics such as implications of multilateral trade agreements, public-private health partnerships, regulation in the context of global health markets, healthcare financing reform and policies, as well as cost-effectiveness analysis. Chapter 1, contributed by Lee, Fustukian and Buse, provides a broad overview of global health policy. Chapter 2, contributed by Ranson, Beaglehole, Correa, Mirza, Buse and Drager, addresses "the public health implications of multilateral trade agreements." Chapter 3, titled "Globalisation and multilateral public-private health partnerships: issues for health policy," has been contributed by Buse and Walt, whereas chapter 4, contributed by Brugha and Zwi, asks questions for evidence in favor of "global approaches to private sector provision." Chapter 5, titled "Regulation in the context of global health markets," has been contributed by Kumaranayake and Lake, and chapter 6, titled "Global policy networks: the propagation of health care financing reform since the 1980s," has been contributed by Lee and Goodman. In chapter 7, Mcpake addresses the theme "The globalization of health sector reform policies: is 'lesson drawing' part of the process?" whereas in chapter 8, Kumaranayake and Walker address another vital and critical issue such as "Cost-effectiveness analysis and priority-setting: global approach without local meaning?"

Part II of the book includes five chapters ranging from issues of violence against women and their reproductive health to global conflict and the humanitarian response. Chapter 9 in part II is titled as "Global rhetoric and individual realities: linking violence against women and reproductive health," and has been contributed by Mayhew and Watts. Chapter 10, titled "The globalization of DOTS: tuberculosis as a global emergency," has been contributed by Porter, Lee and Ogden. Chapter 11, titled "Ageing and health policy: global perspectives" has been contributed by Lloyd-Sherlock. While chapter 12, contributed by Fustukian, Sethi and Zwi, addresses "Workers' health and safety in a globalizing world," chapter 13, contributed by Zwi, Fustukian and Sethi addresses "Globalisation, conflict and the humanitarian response."

Part III includes only one chapter contributed by Buse, Drager, Fustukian and Lee, and is titled "Globalisation and health policy: trends and opportunities," which draws on a number of meaningful comparisons, implications and conclusions.

Health Policy in a Globalising World covers a wide range of topics and transcends many geographical boundaries. The concluding chapter of the book captures very well the essence of the chapters included in this compilation. While the primary focus of the book has been to explore the kind of impact globalization is having on health policy-making, the contributors speaking in unison express a vital humanitarian concern that the current forces driving globalisation are primarily failing to taking into account its implications for promoting and protecting human health. The authors argue, "The need to take fuller account of these implications ... is not of secondary importance to the longterm sustainability of any global system that emerges." The contributors of the book, in general, argue for "alternative approaches to global policy that can result in improvements in human security and justice." To meet these ends, the contributors have argued for "improved mechanisms to respond to collective violence, to govern labour standards, to structure multilateral trade agreements, to regulate emerging global health markets, to provide for ageing populations, to control infectious disease, and to govern policymaking in these and other areas."

As has been shown, the book covers a wide-ranging subject matter. The book no doubt will be very useful as a text in graduate social work policy and health policy classes as well as to those professionals interested in social and public policy, health and globalisation. The editors and contributors are to be commended for addressing complex issues which are not only urgent but timely as well.

Mizanur R. Miah

Southern Illinois University Carbondale
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Author:Miah, Mizanur R.
Publication:Journal of Sociology & Social Welfare
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Date:Mar 1, 2005
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