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Kelis shakes things up with Calvin; EXCLUSIVE R&B star hires hot Scot.

HER Milkshake brings all the boys to the yard...and the latest lad to fall under Kelis' spell is Calvin Harris.

The sexy 27-year-old R&B star revealed exclusively to Email she is planning to work with the young Scottish producer - who has also recorded a track with Kylie - on her next record.

Kelis said: "I did meet Calvin in London and he was just lovely - he is very sweet. So yes, we are looking at doing something together.

"It is a bit too early to say how much will happen or when.

"At the moment I am just looking at ideas and getting everything ready. I won't be starting work on the record for a while.

"Calvin was great and I am a big fan of his music.

He is very creative and exciting and I can see why Kylie wanted to work with him and why there is such a buzz about him.

"He is very, very talented."

The pair could link up again when Kelis is in Scotland to play the Rock Ness festival on June 9 but the star is staying tight-lipped about her plans for the two-day event and whether her rapper husband will join her.

She said: "I don't know if we will meet then. I don't even know if Nas is coming, we haven't talked about it yet. It's far too early to think about what I will be playing or if I have any surprises planned...

"It sounds like an amazing festival - it is always more exciting playing festivals.

"There is something more special about them, a mood among the crowd because they're all there for the weekend getting totally into it and wanting to have a good time.

"I don't know too much about Rock Ness but when I hear that name I immediately think of the monster.

"I definitely believe in it. I always think these myths come from somewhere so there is some truth in it. There is something in that water!

"That makes the festival a lot more exciting - the fact I will be performing so close to the water where the monster lives!"

But Kelis had not heard about the other Loch Ness monsters - the dreaded midges.

She said: "They suck your blood? That is awful. I will bring lots of bug repellent. And I may have to wear a lot more clothes than usual!"

Despite the natural hazards, Kelis is happy to be returning to explore a new part of Scotland.

She said: "I have been to Scotland a few times and played Glasgow and Edinburgh. I know a lot about the culture because on one tour all my crew were Scottish so I was totally immersed in it before I got there.

I love Edinburgh, there is such a sense of history about the place; walking around all those beautiful old buildings and streets you really get a sense of the great writers and musicians who have been there years before I was born. "Most modern European cities look the same as American ones but Edinburgh is so different. I love it."

Kelis has a string of other projects on the go - the usual perfume and cosmetics and even a cook book. She said: "It was great fun as I did it with my mom. I love cooking.

"This book is a lot of my favourite foods that can be put together in a hurry. It is aimed at people like me who don't have time to spend forever in the kitchen but want good food.

"Working with mom was awesome and I can't wait for it to come out so she gets the credit she deserves."

Kelis is quick to dismiss the stories that she and Nas are doing a Newlyweds-style reality show for MTV.

She added: "We are NOT doing a reality show, we are doing a documentary. The two are very different things. But I don't want to talk about it - you will just have to see it when it comes out."

'I see why Kylie wanted to work with Calvin. There's such a buzz about him and he is very, very talented' - Kelis

The charts

MCFLY are No.1 with Baby's Coming Back while Beyonce and Shakira are at two with Beautiful Liar. Gym Class Heroes are No.3 with Cupid's Chokehold, Akon's Don't Matter is at four and Timbaland, Furtado and Timberlake's Give It To Me is at five.


Kylie thought of: Calvin; Monster hunch: Kelis is looking forward to Loch Ness gig and working with Calvin
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