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Keeping your record current.

Part of keeping your record current is applying for Additional Qualification Designations (ADQ) and Subspecialty Codes when eligible. As you continue your career, you obtain experiences that in many cases can be identified by AQDs. The same is true for more specific experiences in particular fields documented in the officer's record as Subspecialty codes.

Why are these codes important? Designated billets are coded requiring an officer to hold a specific subspecialty. Obtaining subspecialty experience through education or job experience can provide additional opportunities during the detailing process.

Bottom Line: if you've earned these codes, it's your responsibility to apply for them and ensure that your record accurately reflects your experience.

Below are references that apply to both AQDs and Subspecialties:
NAVPERS 158391 Officer Manpower and Personnel
Classification Manual
(Part B for Subspecialty Codes)
(Part D for Additional Qualification Designations)
MILPERSMAN 1214-010/1214-020
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Date:Jul 1, 2005
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