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Keeping your late spring crops from bolting.

If June is bot and sunny, many crops will be inclined to bolt (shoot up, flower, and set seed). Lettuce, chard, and other coolseason leaf crops are notorious.

In Maggie Alden's Portland garden, lettuce gets a light lattice shade on the brightest days of June. This slows the bolting process and extends her lettuce harvest by about a month. Foot-high, inch-square cedar stakes flank the rows and support horizontal slats. The prefabricated lattice is laid down loose atop this support system-easy on, easy off.

Lattice shade has other garden uses, too. It can shield seedlings or transplants that fill in the ranks as mature lettuce is harvested. Use it also to shade seed beds for cut flowers and perennials sown for fall transplanting, or for protecting young seedlings of cabbage, cauliflower, or other cole crops being grown for fall or winter harvest.

As another use for the panel after your early summer lettuce has been harvested, consider up-ending it, fastening it to a sturdy post, and using it as a trellis for morning glories, scarlet runner beans, or other annual vines.
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Date:Jun 1, 1989
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