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Keeping your M17 on the road.


Dear Editor,

A broken hose connector or plugged hose strainer can bring your M17 decon to a screeching halt. Here are a few ways to keep your M17 on the decon road:

* The cam arm on the hose connectors is often broken because soldiers sling the hoses around. A broken cam arm makes it difficult to connect the hose and very dangerous. Hot water can shoot out and scald you.


Of course, the best solution is for deconners to be careful with the hoses. Lay the hoses down-don't toss them. If the cam arm is busted, your M17 is NMC until it's replaced.

* The branch in the hose strainer assembly is designed to catch calcium and rust that would plug up your wands. They build up inside the hose screen and make it difficult to remove the strainer assembly cover. It has a brass nut and when operators try to force the nut, the nut breaks off. It then becomes a major operation to get the cover off.

Avoid that mess by checking the strainer quarterly for calcium and rust buildup, especially on the cap threads. Clean off any buildup with a wire brush.


* The throttle lever constantly gets out of adjustment. Its screw loosens from vibration so much that when you push up the lever at shutdown, it drops right back down and the engine doesn't shut off. During PMCS, push the lever up and release it. If the lever won't stay up, tighten its screw, but not so tight that the lever is difficult to move.



William Hamlin

U.S. Army Chemical School

Ft Leonard Wood, MO

Editor's note: Excellent suggestions, Sergeant. They will indeed keep M17s on the road.
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Author:Hamlin, William
Publication:PS, the Preventive Maintenance Monthly
Date:Sep 1, 2008
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