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Keeping an eye on new talent.

Byline: Andy Marshall

THE lads have all been working hard in training this week and looking forward to our next match which has been a long time coming given our last disappointing result.

Ideally I would like to be playing regularly, but I enjoy it here at Coventry and that's why I signed a new contract in the summer.

Steve Ogrizovic is a terrific goalkeeping coach and we have a very similar outlook on how things should be done, which is getting on with the job in a very professional way.

He has got all the time in the world for his keepers and I like to think that I have an influence on the younger lads, too.

I have always tried to give something back to the younger boys in my career and we have got some good ones coming through with the likes of Danny Ireland and Neil Collett.

Danny has done particularly well in the last 18 months but really come on in the last few months and surprised a lot of people, myself included.

How far he will go in the game no one can say, but he certainly has all the attributes and if he keeps working hard and improving I am sure he will do well.

ONCE you get into your 30s most footballers start to think about life after they have hung up their boots - but that's something I have taken an interest in for a while now.

I like to dabble in stocks and shares and have a couple of business interests as well.

I have my own property business with places in England and abroad which virtually runs itself. And I am about to launch another business which I have been working on over the last six months, although I am keeping quiet about that at the moment.

I enjoyed a really good chat with the chairman in the summer.

He has obviously been very successful in business after his playing career and if I could do half as well as he has done then I would be more than happy.

As for the football side of things, I still intend to do my coaching badges because first and foremost that is what I know and do best.

It is my bread and butter and it is something that I will probably like to stay involved with in the future.

OUTSIDE football I am like most of the lads with a young children, in that my family comes first.

I have a little girl called Lauren who is two and a half and I love nothing more than taking her out and spending some quality time with her.

I play a bit of golf, although that has dropped off over the last 12 months or so because of my back injury I suffered last season.

My handicap is about 12, so not too bad, but the best player at the club at the moment has to be Jay Tabb. Oggy is probably next best and plays off two or three, but he's a real die-hard player, and Michael Doyle is pretty good too with a handicap of eight to 10.

The manager took up golf in the summer and was having a few lessons from Oggy when we were on tour in Switzerland but I am sure most of the lads could beat him with one arm tied behind their back.

I don't know if anyone has played him yet and it would be interesting to see if anyone let him win. Mind you, they would get absolutely slaughtered by the other lads if they did.

As a youngster I was a really good swimmer and stopped just short of swimming for my country in my early teens. I swam for my school and county and so on but had to make a decision at the age of 14 whether to carry on or go down the footballing route.

The thing with swimming is there are a lot of early morning training sessions in the pool at 6.00am but football has always been my first love.

Like most goalkeepers, I started as an outfield player and ended up in goal when we were short one day. I took to it quite well and things developed from there, but I am sure most keepers secretly fancy themselves as strikers.


ENJOY IT WHILE YOU CAN... I love being part of the Sky Blues set-up; GOLF ACE... Jay Tabb
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Title Annotation:Sport
Publication:Coventry Evening Telegraph (England)
Date:Sep 10, 2008
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