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Kim Chance; KEEPER; Flux (Children's: Young Adult Fiction) 14.99 ISBN: 9781635830125

Byline: Hannah Hohman

Keeper is an inviting step into a strong, magical young woman's new and exciting journey.

Keeper is an intriguing Southern Gothic tale about a fantastic, magical world.

Lainey Styles is logical and academic; if it doesn't abide by the scientific method, it isn't real. That makes an unexpected supernatural altercation feel all the more insidious. A blood-covered woman attacks her, leaving Lainey unconscious with a hand print on her arm. New evidence forces Lainey to confront the seemingly impossible: she is a witch. And not just an ordinary witch. Lainey's family legacy is to protect the Grimoire, a spell book with dangerous contents.

With some help from Lainey's best friend, Maggie, who has a penchant for comic books and believing the unbelievable, as well as the mysterious and alluring new boy in town, Lainey must face a powerful warlock who has plagued her family for generations.

Lainey's family, best friend, and possible love interest make for a diverse and interesting cast. She was raised by her protective uncle and eccentric aunt, who make up an unconventional, but supportive and present family -- a heartening addition in a young adult adventure. Maggie, with her abundance of insight into the improbable, is also consistently supportive; Ty, a newcomer with an unusual hobby, fits right into the gang, with his protective side and up-for-anything attitude.

A lot of the novel's strengths come from these bonds; the relationships are interesting and well-rounded. Understanding and communication are key to Lainey's journey, and she feels secure enough in her connections to share her discoveries and feelings.

The world of Keeper is intricate, with a storied past and magical dynamics beyond just witches and non-magical folk. There are different factions and beings, only some of which are explored. The promise of more exploration within this fantastic world is enticing; interest in a sequel is assured.

Keeper is an inviting step into a strong, magical young woman's new and exciting journey.

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Author:Hohman, Hannah
Article Type:Book review
Date:Nov 27, 2017
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