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Keep your taps on target.

* Palm devices

Q: I'm having problems inputting commands on my Palm device. Occasionally, the area I need to tap to hit an icon gets off target. Help!

A: The screen on a Palm device consists of three layers: a layer of plastic, a layer of gel, and a layer of glass. The digitizer tracks where the plastic touches the glass through the gel. It isn't unusual for the digitizer to become misaligned and need recalibrating.

If your screen taps sometimes don't seem to register correctly, go to the Applications screen, tap on Prefs, and choose Digitizer from the upper-right pop-up menu. The digitizer will lead you through the process of realigning the screen with its touch grid.

If you prefer to automate the process, there's a freeware application available called Digifix. This is a small tool that automatically loads and recalibrates your digitizer:

* On soft reset

* When powering on

* When you HotSync

You can download Digifix from:
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