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Keep your home cool all year-round.

In tropical countries such as the Philippines, an air conditioning unit is a must appliance for many houses and offices. While the blistering weather is what prompts people to have their own cooling system, the wet season can also drastically affect indoor temperature and humidity levels.

Room environments can indeed get very humid during the rainy days. Fortunately, there is an easy way to maintain the room environment within the comfortable range, that is with the use of Panasonic Window Air Conditioners.

Even as doors and windows have to be closed most of the time to keep the drizzle out, Panasonic Air Conditioners, through their Comfort Cool and Efficiently Designed Heat Transfer System, are able to let users enjoy comfortable cooling.

Keeping up with product innovations, Panasonic Air Conditioners not only maintain comfortable cooling, they also offer a wide range of features. One of this is the Anti Fungal and Alleru Buster Filter (for deluxe models) which specifically reduces, if not eliminate, harmful substances such as dust, pollen and even some airborne bacteria that can cause respiratory irritations and illnesses.

Apart from the filter, it also has a high Energy Efficiency Ratios (EER) compared to other brands with the exact same horsepower. They are built as user friendly, thus users can easily operate the unit with its simple controls. With its Slide-In Chassis, it eases the installation and servicing. For durability, it uses aluminum fins with special coating, giving the units adequate protection against exposure to the elements.

Panasonic Window Type Air Conditioners' class-leading 11.7 Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER), guarantees lower electricity consumption, making one's budget-saving purchase an even smarter choice.

On top of Comfort Cooling technology, energy saving and durability features, it contributes to environment preservation. They are designed using recyclable materials and RoHS (Restrictions on Hazardous Substances)-compliant parts which are manufactured using green methodologies.


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Date:Aug 27, 2014
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