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Keep your cool with these hot tips.

Byline: with Barry Gordon

With temperatures in Scotland hitting up to 30C in the past week, it means extremely hot conditions for many households.

However, design experts from Barratt Homes Scotland have created some simple tips to help people keep cool and safe: 1 Maximise the breeze Opening windows is still the best way to cool down. For this to work best, try to stimulate air flow from room to room. Leave doors and windows open. Opening a second window in a room helps pull the air both in and out.

2 Be careful about security Summer is a peak period for burglary so you need to be vigilant when it comes to security. When opening windows, consider using window locks which help protect you. Most new modern homes are fitted with these as standard.

3 Cool bedrooms down According to The Sleep Council, bedrooms should remain a cool 16-18C to aid sleep. Make sure you open windows early in the evening, so that bedrooms have a chance to cool down before you try to sleep. If you only open the windows just before you try to sleep, it will take time before the temperature comes down - leaving you tossing and turning.

4 Keep curtains or blinds closed When the sunlight is strongest, keep blinds and curtains drawn.

This might mean keeping windows shut for a few hours when the sunshine is at its maximum, but then just open them again when this has passed.

5 Check your insulation Remember, insulation works both ways. This is the same principle that's used in a thermos flask - it keeps cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot. So it works in homes, where good insulation will keep roofs, walls and floors cooler than if there was none..

6 Strategically place fans if you use them Many people are not fans of fans, as they dry out eyes and just circulate hot air rather than actively cooling down a room. However, if you do use them, position them so they push warm air more to the windows than the centre of a room. This will help to cool air down quicker.

7 Cool yourself down Use the power of your fridge and freezer to cool simple items, from freezing water in a hot water bottle to chilling water in a demister spray as a handy refresher. Dampen towels with cold water and place them near fans, or even put your pillowcases in the freezer before bedtime. Your home may be hot but you can stay nice and cool.

n For more info see


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Publication:Sunday Mail (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Jul 8, 2018
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