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Keep the line open.

Keep The Line Open

One of the state government's suppliers of telephone systems for six years, DeltaComm Inc., has gone down in a financial nosedive.

Don't worry, state officials say, calls to state offices won't be lost in a maze of corporate reorganizations.

DeltaComm's contracts likely will be assigned to TSI Arkansas, formed by TIE Communications Inc. using DeltaComm's employees. TIE is a $50 million communications big daddy that supplied DeltaComm and took over the company in lieu of payment of debt.

Ed Erxleben of the State Purchasing Office says DeltaComm has worked closely with the state, which is covered by performance bonds in the deal.
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Title Annotation:DeltaComm Inc. folds
Publication:Arkansas Business
Date:Mar 26, 1990
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