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Keep scrubbing!

ROLAND PRODUCTS, A LOS ANGELES-BASED DISTRIBUTOR OF HOUSEWARES ITEMS, is introducing the Goodbye Detergent! line of environmentally friendly cleaning scrubs that do not require any detergent. The centerpieces of the line are the two Original Spaghetti Scrubs that combine witty form and minimalist packaging with strong cleaning results from natural abrasives such as peach pits and corn cores.


The Coarse scrub uses corn cob powder as its abrasive and is perfect for metal cookware, dirty sinks and even scrubbing vegetables. The Gentle scrub uses peach pit powder for a lighter touch on practically anything else including glass, wood, plastic, and non-stick pans.

The scrubs are reusable for months, have a unique shape that makes them pliable and perfect for tricky cleaning jobs and will produce no rust or smells. They will also not produce any mold or bacteria because they dry quickly and completely.

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Author:Caley, Nora
Publication:Grocery Headquarters
Date:Jul 1, 2009
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