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Keep out of it please Mr Obama; Letters.

COMMENT is required in response to President Obama wading into Britain's referendum concerning our relationship with the EU. It would appear that he has a short memory. Perhaps the date of 16th December 1773 would jog his memory. The causes for this "tea party" were many but two are highlighted here. One; unfair taxes imposed by another country; two, no direct representation in that other country. Also, in more recent history, USA went to great lengths to prevent the "domino effect" of a country subsuming SE Asia so why is it not opposed to this effect in Europe.

After all, the USA champions freedom and democracy, doesn't it? He does not seem to understand that we, in Britain, want only a free trade area and not a federal Europe. As Norman Lamont said in Saturday's Mail, would the USA be prepared to accept from its NAFTA partners, laws enacted in Canada or have its parliament in Mexico City? I think not.

President Obama should confine himself to USA policy and leave Britain to look after hers Frank Spicer Bulkington Warwickshire


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Title Annotation:Letters
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Date:Apr 26, 2016
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