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Keep on exposing MPs who are rotten to the core; DEAR BANKSY.

pounds 100No wonder people like Piers Merchant are keen to see privacy laws introduced. These laws would assist people like MPs to behave in private as they see fit - even if their behaviour would outrage most decent members of the public.

MPs are only there because the public vote for them, and the public should be aware if those in power are behaving in a sleazy and hypocritical way.

If the Sunday Mirror and other papers did not tell us of this sleazy behaviour the country would suffer. We need to know who the rotten apples are. Keep up the good work! - F. McDonald, Hartlepool.

We will, Mr McDonald.

pounds 5Saintly Norman Tebbit proclaimed at the Tory conference that multi- culturalism was a divisive force and that "no man can serve two masters".

Ironically, it was that kind of manic fear of the European influence on Britain that divided the Tories, contributing to their humiliating defeat. It is ironic that an Englishman with the name "Norman t'bete" should have such a hang-up about multicultural influences! - Tony La Mothe, Peckham, South East London.

Johnny-come-lately Norman and his ilk have only been here since 1066!

pounds 5 I Am one of nine children and 60 years ago we never knew what it was like to see a doctor as you had to pay. Am I now to be denied health care as a pensioner? - Patricia Warminger, Sheringham, Norfolk.

As I understand it, pensioners would be exempt.

pounds 5In Jersey we pay pounds 19 for a visit by a GP, and injections and prescriptions are extra. Even pensioners have to pay, so count your blessings! - Mrs B. Costard, St. Brelade.

We pay too, Mrs's called National Insurance.

pounds 5 We should not pay for GP visits but we could all pay at least pounds 1 a day while we are in hospital. It costs us more at home for food, heating, lighting and electricity, and it is a small price to pay for the best hospital care in the world. - Peter Phillips, Herne Bay, Kent.

That's the whole idea - give the NHS a helping hand.

pounds 5Many pensioners receive very generous, inflation-proof retirement pensions and they could easily afford to pay for their visits to the doctor. - Mrs B. Arnold, Sheerness, Kent.

But most don't, and they need help, Mrs A.

pounds 5Credit cards which "help" charities like the RSPCA pay as little as 25p in every pounds 100! Put 50p into a charity box every time you go shopping, that's more worthwhile. - Eliese Powell, Leicester.

Couldn't we do that as well?

pounds 5You asked about sources of irritation. How about late buses, long queues, market researchers, sticky price tags, change jinglers, frilly knickers, Australian soaps, 5p pieces, slow bar staff, blotchy pens, Jeremy Beadle, dog poo, and people who moan... - Miss Gillian Hedley, Wakefield, West Yorks.

Present company excepted!

pounds 5My mother has just received a letter offering her a 30 per cent discount on a new conservatory. She's 82, and lives on the third floor of a nursing home! Daft or what? - J. Schofield, Liverpool.

Or ambitious! Other examples?

pounds 5The venue for future Tory conferences should be Bognor Regis. Bognor already hosts an annual Clowns' Convention and I would love to see the Tory Tango in the ballroom: One step forward, two steps back, U-turn and change partners (frequently!). - Don Carter, Chichester, West Sussex.

Morris dancing only if Tebbit gets his way, Don!

pounds 5My local hospital is making savage cuts yet obscene salaries are paid out for glorified pen- pushers who are running the trust. Why can't consultants and doctors run their hospitals, not someone who has had a course in business studies and who is paid 15 times the wage of a senior nurse? - R. Bull, Northampton.

Then who'd tend the sick?

pounds 5I Wrote and told the PM to spend lottery cash on the NHS, not the Millennium Dome. - Mrs E. Eckersley, Chesterfield, Derbys. You'd get MY vote!


Here's a money-saving tip: When there's another important football match, like the Italy v England game, and you have Sky but no Sky Sport, try the German channels, put the radio on and get English commentary. Then you can watch our brave boys, like the bloodied but unbowed skipper Paul Ince, in action. - R. Barnes, Rowley Regis, West Mids.

The motor yacht Jonikal is not to be put up for sale by Mr Mohamed Al Fayed, contrary to your report on September 21. On board Jonikal, Diana, Princess of Wales, and Mr Al Fayed's eldest son Dodi found happiness and contentment, despite the unwelcome attentions of predatory paparazzi. The Fayed family's recollections of the summer with the Princess and her sons are only happy ones and there are no "painful memories" of their brief time together on board. - Michael Cole, Director of Public Affairs, Harrods.
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Title Annotation:Features
Author:Banks, David
Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Oct 19, 1997
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