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Keep blades off slippery slope.

Sometimes the simplest maintenance task on your Kiowa Warrior can turn into a lot more than you bargained for.

For instance, rotating or folding rotor blades should be a no-brainer, right? But when you use the tie-down wand assembly, NSN 1730-01-185-8877, things can get a little slippery.

The wand assembly is placed under the blade to lift it. While rotating or folding, the blade can slip off the top of the wand even if you're moving very slowly. If that happens, the blade drops from an elevated position damaging the blade cuff, the hub and the root of the blade.

To keep the blade from slipping off the wand, wrap some duct tape around the wand to create a top. Then add another piece of the tape to cover the exposed sticky side so it doesn't come in contact with the painted surface of the blade. Duct tape is the simplest method but another option is to use some strap webbing.

Then you can easily slide the wand onto the blade. The tape over the top and sides keeps the blade from sliding off.

Make a note that the wand assembly is a part of the Kiowa Warrior's fly away items.

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