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Keep ammo doors moving.


Proper lubrication should be your first priority, since lack of lube will result in a stuck door almost every time.

A semiannual coat of solid film lubricant (SFL), NSN 9150-01-260-2534, is the way to go. Wipe away any dirt or grease that'll keep the SFL from sticking. Then, give the following areas a good coating:

* Ammunition doors. Spray the door seals, sliding surfaces and rails.

* Ready ammunition door. Spray the four seal retainer cams and the two rail cams.

* Stowage ammunition door. Spray the two door cams.

* Hook latch. Use a grease gun to lube the hook latch with WTR, NSN 9150-00935-5851.

* Hook latch and housing assembly. Spray all moving and touching parts.

* Latches. Spray the sliding surfaces of all latches.

* Ammunition tubes. Spray the inside surfaces and all rubber stops inside the ammunition tubes with SFL. That allows ammo to slide in and seat properly so that it does not hit the amino doors.

Hook Latch and Housing Assembly

In addition to lubing this assembly, you'll need to make sure the mounting screws are nice and tight.

Vibration loosens the screws. If they break, the ammo door jams as you try to open or close it. You won't be doing any firing either way.

Make it a point to eyeball those screw heads with a flashlight every time you check out the ammo doors and racks. If they've backed out or if they're loose enough to turn with your fingers, give your mechanic a heads up.

He'll add a dab of locking compound, NSN 8030-01-025-1692, to the screws before re-tightening them.
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