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Keep 'em up, Michelle!

Michelle Mills stands on her dad's head. She even throws beanbags at him--and he never gets mad! Seven-year-old Michelle is part of the Dazzling Mills Family. Her dad, Steve, is a champion juggler.

Her mom, Carol, is a champion unicycle rider. Michelle first performed with her parents when she was just eight weeks old. During a performance one day, Steve balanced baby Michelle on his hand high in the air. She smiled and clapped. The audience went crazy. Michelle was a star!

Now Appearing...

Michelle is an important part of the Mills family show. She rides her unicycle on stage. She juggles scarves and beanbags. She even teaches other kids how to juggle.

Michelle also stands on her dad's shoulders while he rides a unicycle. Around and around they go. It's enough to make you dizzy! "It doesn't bother me," said Michelle. "I've been doing it for so long I don't even think about it."

School Rules

Michelle and her family arrive in each town the night before their show. They park the bus in the school parking lot.

The next day, Michelle goes to classes with the students. She plays with them at recess. She's just like one of the kids--until the show starts! Then Michelle becomes a star.

The Mills family travels a lot, but Michelle doesn't get to skip class. "I'm home-schooled," says Michelle. "I like to learn. I remind Mom and Dad when it's time for school!"

I Can Do It

Michelle has always loved to perform and make people laugh. Michelle learned to juggle three scarves just a few days before her fifth birthday.

She got her first unicycle when she was two years old. She rode it alone when she was just three and a half. "At first Mom and Dad would hold me up," said Michelle. "Then I just told myself, `Yes, I can do it.'"

And she did! Last year, Michelle won the championship in her age group at the National Unicycle Meet in Adrian, Michigan.

Coming Soon

The Mills family might be visiting YOUR school this year. So if you happen to see a girl juggling while balanced on top of a man riding a unicycle, don't be surprised. It's just Michelle and the Dazzling Mills Family.
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Title Annotation:7-year-old Michelle Mills rides a unicycle and juggles with the Dazzling Mills Family show
Author:Stanley, Zach
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Date:Jan 1, 1994
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