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Keen on genes: PGT Medical brings genetic sequencing to Sarasota.

SARASOTA STARTUP PGT MEDICAL WANTS YOU TO GET TESTED--or, more specifically, to get your genes tested. A product of the government-funded Human Genome Project, PGT specializes in the ever-expanding realm of genetic applications for individuals' unique DNA sequences. In other words, once doctors have a map of your DNA, they can make diagnoses and apply treatments that are specific to your own genetic materials. It's contemporary medicine's latest great frontier, with certain diseases already linked to their corresponding genes and certain medications prescribed based on what a patient's genes say about how the drugs will be metabolized. And scientists are racing to find new applications every day.

But it all starts with a simple blood test, and PGT is ramping up education efforts with its Genetic Awareness Project, so that more doctors and patients will be aware of and comfortable with the concept, so that diagnosis and treatments can be as quick and efficient as possible. The ultimate goal is for that simple blood test to become a standard part of a doctor visit.

Varieties of Genetic Testing

Diagnostic testing Identifies disease and determines course of action.

Predictive and pre-symptomatic genetic tests Find changes in genes that increase a person's likelihood of developing diseases.

Carrier testing Identifies people who "carry" a change in a gene that is linked to disease. Though they may not ever develop that disease, carriers have the ability to pass on the gene change to their children.

Prenatal and newborn testing Helps to identify disease in fetuses.

Pharmacogenomic testing Provides information about how certain medicines are processed by an individual's body.

Research genetic testing Discovers how genes contribute to health and to disease.

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Title Annotation:HEALTH
Author:Wallace, Hannah
Publication:Sarasota Magazine
Date:Nov 1, 2015
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